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It has been a great month in this game.

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First of all, I mean no harm or anything to everyone. This is just my experience and my opinions. I would apologize for anything that may offensive you.

I love this game by all means. It is fun and enjoyable. 
I'm level 45 hongmoon 4, 425attack. 


It has gotten boring and tiring for me to continue. I do not have much time to farm/do all 40/40 daily each day. 

Need to catch up with the super GEARED/rich Clan member to be able to maintain a position in the party. - I just kidding- but you get what i mean.
24 man POH/BSH takes from QUICK to Very long time depending on the channel and people. From 1 -2 hours.
Nobody like killing bosses but instead wait at POH/MM (Happen like 60% of the time)

Farm Soulstones.... Get mats for Moonwater T, craft everyday to make money. UGH dont forget those moonwater Tears.

Everyday I would need to hurry my self to get home from work to join clan member to do dailies. (9-5 schedule) I do not need to do it but it is faster and fun with clan members.
Killing red is not fun at all because they do not exist. I see a Red, I take off my blue suit and help them do their dailies for fun. 

Farm 4 man for scrolls and clothes. Tiring Lol xD

I cant keep doing this everyday. That sense of "You have to login and do your dailies" to earn money is tiring sometimes. 

5-6 hours a day on weekday, weekend - unlimited maybe 

I think it is time for me to quit and focus more on real life matters.

What are your opinions and experiences in the future if you decide to keep playing?


Thank you for reading.


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i was about to quit as well before the mushin Update, now they holds me again before quitting with Warlock, and there ill probably quit.

the game generally boring.

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Yes, it this point the game definitely is showing its eastern grinder side. There's just not that much content and there aren't that many ways to make gold. The only motivation to go back to older zones is for mats or if you're itching for an outfitter. I'm guessing it's very much the PvP that keeps some coming back so steadily, because the hunt for gold and crafting items becomes wearing. Doing all of the Blackram area stuff for fun or the challenge but to hurry up and gear to make it smoother with the item update coming sometime next month.


At this point I'm gearing one toon to make it easier to gear another but it does start to feel like a job.

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