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"fix" crafting


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I am not saying crafting is crap, but it is kinda crapfting.


As of now, the cost of making items is equal or less of their market price for most items, sure moonwater transformation stones earn you like 2 gold tops, but thats still almost nothing considering it takes about 2 days to craft 10.


One possible solution to the crafting issue is to increase the produce of most items, specially pickaxes, vases and such. Maybe by just one per craft, could potentially increase the reward of crafting since as of now it doesnt feel very rewarding. On the other hand, they could leave things as they are but reduce the time it takes to craft things by half. For example, crafting one sap takes 20 hours which is ridiculous, add 12 hours for a pickaxe and an extra 30 hours or so to turn those ores into a premium refiner. (I speak of merry potters and soulwardens because thats the ones i have, but I see the other professions are just as bad)


TLDR: Leave gathering profesions' basic resources alone, improve the rare resource production and crafting amount.



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