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Bug List Compilation


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Hello there, my name is Marshall and have been playing the game since launch and beyond. I have grown annoyed (note my appropriate adjective choice!) with the astounding amount of in-game bugs that I personally have experienced, and am sure others have as well.


I am creating this topic specifically to be directed towards the development team so that they may either:

a. choose to do nothing (which may or may not be detrimental to their success)


b. At the very least have a representative notify us as to when these issues may be resolved :) Thanks for reading!


Viridian Coast:

  • There is a sizable amount drop in Frames per Second (Lag) on the way through the passage from Bamboo Village into Everdusk.
  • During the quest located in Whalesong Cove where the player must shoot 50 Corrupted Crabs with a spear-gun, on occasion the player is unable to fire the weapon and must kill the monsters manually, thus doubling (tripling) the required time to kill the required 50.


The Cinderlands:

  • During the boss encounter in the Shadowstrike dungeon (Yehara's Mirage), Lady Nightshade is attackable but not damageable for a good 3-5 seconds during dialogue before the fight causing the players to build aggro without dealing lasting damage to the boss..
  • The location that should be called Lusung's House is called Yusung's House on out minimap and world map alike. (Located in Sandstone Refuge, Scorching Sands)


Moonwater Plains:

  • Huren, located in Misty Woods south of the Watchtowers, will sometimes reset herself during the fight by leaping out of range with one of her skills.
  • The East Fleet Supply Chain 24-man instance is now notorious for having unpathable invisible walls which cause players to fall to their deaths while travelling between platforms.
  • There is an issue in the Nightshade Harbor 24-man instance that causes the players to remain in combat after a boss fight on the Venomous Thrasher and Munitions Officer Blood Mane, rendering them incapable of climbing out of boss arena with Wall Dash.
  • There is an issue in the Hall of Ogong that allows the player to glitch through a wall, effectively skipping a large portion of the instance.
  • Not technically a bug, but Junghado on Mushin's Tower F7 is unreasonably difficult for certain classes.


General in-Game Bugs:

  • There is a bug that after being revived in combat shows a highlighted version of the players stamina bar (sprint bar) and will allow them to sprint momentarily before being 'rubberbanded' (for lack of a better word) back to their original location.



If you have any additions, please feel free to add them, or ask me to add them. I know there are some that I missed! No complaints please, just legitimate bugs. 


Thanks again! 

- M

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- crashes on load screens

- (not responding) 20 times during load screens and during gameplay

-sometimes when you cast a thing it wont cast (lag)


-long load screens

-summoner has a lot of bugs

 - doom n bloom heal

 - cat crouch

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