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Black Screen :(


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Hey guys , Im having issue playing BnS.I start up the game and about a few minute or so , my game crash and goes black screen ,sometime different color.I was told to disable razer synapse,I did but that didn't fix my problem.Im also running in window mode. 


my processor is i7-4790 3.60 GHz 

Graphic is Geforce GTX 750

DirectX vers is 12 


Need any more info??

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I suggest you post in like "sevenforums" or another help forum online to see what they can find.

Google: "Windows X forum BSOD" (X = version of windows)


Windows 7 (Read top post on how to provide information to research your issue)



Windows 10 (Read 2:top post on how to provide information to research your issue)



There are more forums on google that specializes in those crash reports ^_^

And say it's related to Blade and Soul, so others who google might find your post if there is a solution in it.

And link your post here as well, I wanna have a look on your crash report as well ^_^

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