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Invisible mob(s) & Boss treasure drop issues


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In Necrotic Labs, the Boss drops "his" treasure dead center in the Dragon Pulse exit portal which make sit impossible to get. Pulling the Boss from that spot works sporadically at best.

There's a whole giant room behind the Boss, how about moving the EXIT Pulse/portal into that big room behind him ????

IN one dungeon there's an invisible mob, the mob used to be floating/standing in mid air, but now he's stealth-ed like a SIN (I believe it's the "All that Glitters" (the fake gold) one.

Off topic BUT a very important subject, while the "Block Spammer" option (that also auto reports) is a very good idea, HOWEVER the list limit of 50 gets filled up real damn quick. Is it too much to ask that the list max. number be increased to 100 at least ????

And once again how about increasing the font sizes on EVERYTHING, the clock, the fps display, the number of items required to purchase an item off an npc ( I had to ask 7-8 times on faction just to get an answer for Insignia needed).

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