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Tag match questions


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 I apologize if this has been posted. I have searched for a basic tutorial and strat guide on tag arena and have only found some videos or articles just summarizing team matches.

 I understand the very basic mechanics of team matches, but am lost at several of the other commands.

 The interfere I got down: it's on a cd and there are limited uses per match.

it's the tag function I am unsure about. When I was bro leader I seemed to have more options, but when I queued yesterday all I could do apparently was interfere.

 I got it ,noob questions and all that, but I think it would be helpful to have guide or link to comprehensive guide on the spermicide mechanics of team matches.

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While you're on standby, you only have the option to interfere. If you wish, you can also request to be the next player with a button on the right.


While you're fighting, you have the option to switch with the player marked with a "next" icon. You can't fight forever, eventually your time runs out and the game forces the "next" player to switch in.


The game also lets everyone interfere more often if certain conditions are met (match lasting too long?)

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