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GSYNC frames issue


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I am currently running a 6700K liquid cooled, evga 980ti liquid cooled, 16gb ddr4, 2560X1440 windows 10 rig and am unable to keep steady frames with gysnc enabled no matter what gfx settings I setup (high/low).  When Gsync is off, I get 165FPS.  I play others games like UT4/Counterstrike/Rocket League and run max settings holding 125+ frames my Asus Swift 165Hz Gsync monitor.  Strange thing was when the cinematics started (with gsync on) after character selection screen, it was running smooth at max... but in-game it jumps + and - 50 frames every second and is unplayable.  Anyone have any issues like this or know a resolution?  Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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