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For A Game That is Highly Ping Dependant


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NCSoft seems to have no desire or urgency when it comes to fixing the arena/cross-server ping issue.  I love playing my KFM in open world, I worked for hours and hours practicing my 3rf, but it doesn't matter. 


-Open Word Ping: 60

-Arena/Cross-Server: 200+ and unstable


At this point my ping is more stable on the Taiwan Server... how does that make any sense. There has been countless threads about this issue and the only response has been on twitter and it was a vague "we're collecting data."   The issue must really not bother them since they didn't even feel the need to mention it in their "Known Issues" thread.


I shouldn't have to buy WTFast or play Summoner to cope with a ping issue that is not on my side. I've played Wildstar and Gw2, both which use the same server center and have never experienced ping issues like this.


At this point my options seem to be:

A) Don't PvP on my KFM


B) Forget about BnS and take my money to a different game.






Your Move NCSoft



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