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Prestige only rewards party leader


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So today me and a friend noticed that the prestige is bugged like crazy. So we did some testing and this is what we have found.

Prestige only goes to party leader. (actually around 90%+ goes to leader but may as well be leader only)

This is wrong on so many levels.

Solo you are guaranteed the prestige as long as you started the combat.

As Party leader you get all the messages for prestige award stating who should have got the reward but that member gets nothing the actual point goes to yourself.

As not the leader you see no message and even if you are only person to fight the prestige still goes to party leader. (very rarely you receive 1)

You will gain the prestige if you are the only one in the zone.


So this really need to be fixed as this can easily be abused by players as it effectively means you can make other players farm for them.

Simply everyone in the party who tagged the mob should be rewarded. its called teamwork something that should be rewarded not punished.

A lot of this game already prioritizes solo play over team play which is kind of the opposite to what a mmo should be imo.


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Nah, it's more like this:

Lets say you get 5 prestige points for killing something and you are in a party of three:

The system starts at the first party member, and gives him a prestige point, still 4 prestige points to be distributed.

The system goes to the second party member, and gives him a prestige point aswell. 3 prestige points remaining.

You guessed it: The system goes to the third party member and he gets a prestige point aswell. Now there are only 2 prestige points left.

The system starts at the first party member again, because there are no more party members left, and he gets a second prestige point. 1 prestige point left.

Now it's the second party members turn again, and he gets his second prestige point.

And since there are no more prestige points left, the third party member doesn't get a second prestige point.


And now guess what happens, if you kill something that only awards you with 1 prestige point.

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This would make sense however it was not happening like that for us.

It does explain why killing a new mob goes back to player 1 which still allows abuse.

However when we killed a guy with 14 with 2 of us i ended up with 2 and the party leader got 12 so it clearly isn't cycling through as intended.

And even how you have explained the system is unfair due to the reset on every new creature you attack meaning that whoever is lead will always have the advantage. whether they take part or not.

It Also doesn't explain the reward message not matching up at all with who gets the point as the message even tho only appearing for party lead was following your described rules.

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The message is in fact correct. It says that player X has earned Y prestige points FOR YOU.

And the system looks for player level and participation aswell. If you haven't dealt as much damage, you won't get as much prestige points. If you are a higher level than the enemy, you won't get as much prestige points.

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Ok so its possible i've misread the message possibly after seeing it to many times. 



I attack target a as lead solo. i gain point message states so.

Next person attacks target b solo. message says they get point. But in reality I got the point tho i did not participate in anyway.


I as Lead Having no participation in the fight b should receive 0 points they rightfully belong to player b for they are the only one to interact with said npc.

This in itself is a bug that can be exploited and is as a whole makes the system unfair.


I understand when it comes to the bosses ect the more you put in the more reward you get and that there is a minimum needed to gain rewards

to stop those coming hitting once and gaining the rewards while watching others do the work.

But this prestige system as it currently is is just unfair and needs fixing.


Not all new fights should be restarting with player 1

and certainly partly leaders should not be recieveing anything for not participating at all.


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