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Shadow Dash Working Inccorectly


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So I've experienced this on many different occasions where I'll be unable to Shadow Dash to whatever target I'm attacking at the time. For example, I'll use Swiftstep with 3 points to daze my target, then proceed to use Shadow Dash, the button will be lit but will tell me "You are not able to do that right now" when I try to pop behind someone. 


This has both affected me in PvE as well as PvP, causing deaths or missed advantages to combo in both scenarios. 


Status while trying to use: 

-Shadow Dash off cooldown, lit for stealth when used

-Not in stealth, usually after Swiftstep or at medium range distances

-No status debuffs at the time

-Mob or player is generally stunned, dazed, knocked down or grappled

-Instances where this has been prevalent are Mushin's tower, Arena, and Misty Woods faction areas


The reason this is such a big deal to me is because well, I'm a Sin. We rely heavily on our Stealth to correctly combo our target, or set up out of stealth combos. Generally the outcome of this bug against PvE related targets will cause Shadow Dash to not work, the mob will then turn around and proceed to aggro towards you. It's not until that point that Shadow Dash begins to work as intended. In PvP instances it can likely cost us a big exchange in damage; Where we would normally be able to combo our target, but instead that target roams free to retaliate against us and in some scenarios killing us because of it.


Since this is such a drastic bug for Sin's regarding PvP, I'm probably going to refrain from the Arena until this is resolved. 

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bump , this is a serious issue for us sins , it's clearly not working as intended i have the same problem with shadow dash, sometimes it triggers the stealth for 0,1secs and then it disappears without taking any damage .

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This seems to keep getting swept under the post rug. This is a major issue for Sins yet it seems to be getting no attention whatsoever. That's not going to stop me from continue to make sure this stays a relevant topic until it's fixed.

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