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Launching + CPU issue


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BnS was working perfectly fine.
No issues whatsoever.

Launched fine, Loads were fast and smooth, some lag, but that's because of poor routing to my location.. so not a concern.

Where my Concerns do lay however, Out of nowhere, my launch time after "Play Now" has gone to 20+min after the BnS logo comes up.
After 20 min, Task manager tells me Client.exe is using 0%CPU, and Very Very Very Very slowly increasing in mem usage.
It finally launches when it reaches about 1GB used.

When it does launch, and I choose character..
Load screen comes up, and stalls.
Check Task manager again, and CPU usage has flatlined back to 0% and I crash or DC.

Nothing on my system has changed since I installed BnS, so I don't understand where this came from.



ANY input would be great.

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There was a client update, this could be the cause but I am just speculating.


You could try forcing it to use more CPU time by setting the priority higher than normal in task manager.


Also it may be worth running a memtest just in case. That would at least rule out any bad memory.

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