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KFM Problem with Destroyer


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So I brought a couple videos showing a problem I have been dealing with since launch. I am not too sure if it occurred during any of the betas, as such, I am going to make a safe guess that this problem did not occur during any of the CBT's where I participated in the Arena.


First Round: Skip to 1:35 and you'll see the problem I'm talking about. If you don't understand then look up TAB Flying Slam - Tier 4 Stage 3. At first, I thought this was a bug that spanned over multiple different blocks because I had the same problem with summoners. After a bit of investigating, I finally found out that the summoner had a small invulnerability mechanic hidden in their block (4) that I didn't know about when combined with F. After discovering this small mechanic that made a huge impact with the summoner, I really tried as hard as I could to figure out why this happened with the Destroyer's shield (V).


Second Round: Skip to 1:10 and you'll see the problem again. That's right, the same problem is so prevalent in my matches (not sure about other KFM's) that it occurred in both rounds against the SAME PERSON. While I find the timing I had at 0:25 to be hysterical [my own failure at targeting] and the triple kick at 0:37 to be extremely stupid [the Destroyer lagging since I run at 40 m/s], this Des block mechanic just trumps me. It makes no sense and I can't find any tool-tip in the Des skill book that tells me why this happens almost every time I attempt the knock-up initiation. I am here now, not asking for a strategy to beat a Destroyer or complaining about them being overpowered, instead, I am here asking for an explanation of what is happening. I can not figure it out.


TL;DR - Stop going to forums, but if you're one of those people, read the underlined sections.


P.S. In the second round, 1:14 almost made me laugh my ass out of my chair. I made a prediction that the Destroyer was about to use her 1 and I decided I was going to counter it with an instant Daze (C). Instead, I got what was shown. The timing of my cooldown was crazy too.

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