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[Oath] Recruiting Any Levels~ || Crimson Faction

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Hey guys!


I'm recruiting for my guild, Oath. We're smallish right now (we only just began recruiting two days ago as of posting this)  but we're on every single day so we should be around to help out.


I've run tons of guilds before in the games I've played, and my main goal has always been to make sure all of my guildies feel significant and heard. We're always willing to help out with any questions or other help you might need in your grind to the top, or just to chat about your day. My main goal is to be a group of people who are always around to chat or brainstorm together -- hang out with you, talk to you, and make the grind less painful. ;)


There's no pressure at all on the PvE OR PvP front -- all we ask is that you be friendly and talkative and we'll be the same. 


You can catch me in game on Radin on and off after ~3PM central on weekdays, or you can whisper Tylantus or MewTwoKing if I'm not around. 
We're fully available for voice chats, but it's totally not required of you to join in.


Look forward to seeing you there~

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