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( ^∇^) Ok, I know there are tons of awesome cool looking costumes out there, but I really like this one (。♥‿♥。), and since there are about 200x posts complaining about the lack of costumes, I'm just g

Pick a couple for fun: http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/      

Dis one!      would be perfect for Easter :> ~ *cough cough*

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The one thing that bugs me the most is if you look at a game like Tera, 99% of the time when they release and outfit its amazing, must have, go above and beyond to get it. 20% of the outfits that come out on here are good, Or cute or cool in cash shops. Beach wear is perfect, jean short shorts with cute top great, Dress with hello kitty backpack is cute, everything else...gross. Not enough modern cute wear, Guys outfits are normally good looking. I feel they need to hire new people for outfit design. The maid outfit for lyn had very little detail to it...and your in socks, the event mushroom outfit for lyn, bow on the neck would have been 100x better looking in the back of the neck. Most outfit release are just lame to me.

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Beach wear for my female chars and a dark armor for my male chars and a yellow ninja suit for my assassin and possible a blue ninja suit for my Soul Fighter. 


So basically Scorpion VS Sub Zero.


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epic fail on linking
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3 hours ago, SoraTokonome said:

also poharan's sister's sexy outfit + hairstyle right below!!


We won't get this in HM store pretty sure,we will get it with lvl 55 patch and new solo dungeon (like mushin tower) and is gonna be drop from last boss(Poh's sister) and it won't be easy from the videos i saw people with 1100 AP are having a hard time killing it,yet for KFMs gonna be a joke first 10 ranks on korea for this dungeon are KFMs lol.

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