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( ^∇^) Ok, I know there are tons of awesome cool looking costumes out there, but I really like this one (。♥‿♥。), and since there are about 200x posts complaining about the lack of costumes, I'm just g

Pick a couple for fun: http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/      

Dis one!      would be perfect for Easter :> ~ *cough cough*

we are rushing to get last version ( just like korea/tw/cn/jp)

then why we are getting old costumes and 2 outfits every 2weeks?

lets rush everything! seasons, content and outfits! how about weapons skins? those basic skins in game may be a joke!

one of then can be farmed on mushin and the others . . . iron weapons for general merchants are beautifull in comparison

where seraph skins? 


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I like the look of the hello kitty shorts/jumper set but if it were to make it to the store I'd hope they kept the concept and chucked out the hello kitty design. Maybe replaced the necklace with our class icon? Everything about it is awesome minus the hello kitty theme.


Anyways... here's my additions (Probably already all up but what the hell....)


DEFINITELY THIS OUTFIT: (Ears not so much fussed about but this outfit is my fav)









And this next one, preferably our version wouldn't have the out of place looking thigh highs...





AND... last but not least for the lolz and your nightmares...


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On 2/17/2016 at 0:12 PM, SViper said:

These are Male Lyn Outfits from Korean server I want in international server:


And much more will come next time.

These are still my most wanted Male Lyn Outfits!!!!!

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I wish costumes were sold more frequently 2 costumes every 2 weeks is kinda stupid and what happens is everyone ends up buying them so everyone is running around looking the same >: idk I wish they had a better system buttt




its cool but what i HATE about this costume is how for lyns and jins they pretty much ripped off the temptation top and boots while gons get something new and cool. So annoying

Edited by Senzura
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1 minute ago, Krissy said:

what do you mean if i know what to do? if i list any gold amount for the lowest amount possible, it will not sell.

You don't understand how the listing works  , so that's why. don't know how it is on Europe , i play on NA

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Why every single outfit for females looks like costume from sexshop?

Can some1 link any great outfit for females in BnS which looks like a warrior, ninja, samurai and not like half naked *cricket*, slut or 9 years old shoolgirl? ..there is something rly wierd about gamedesigners of this game :D..or i just came to the wrong game :D... i regret so much making a female character ..male clothes looks always way more cool than wonas in this game:D.

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59 minutes ago, okitaluc said:

You don't understand how the listing works  , so that's why. don't know how it is on Europe , i play on NA

uhh.. is that it? are you going to explain what im doing wrong? because that is not helpful at all

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On 4/8/2016 at 9:26 PM, Fang Himura said:

I want this outfit so so bad, but I'm afraid we might not get it because it's for the NCSoft TW baseball team.

Here's a couple others I want pretty bad. But that baseball one I really want.

the pink sweater omg name more pics and how long ago it came out dam i want this one so bad

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