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( ^∇^) Ok, I know there are tons of awesome cool looking costumes out there, but I really like this one (。♥‿♥。), and since there are about 200x posts complaining about the lack of costumes, I'm just g

Pick a couple for fun: http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/      

Dis one!      would be perfect for Easter :> ~ *cough cough*

55 minutes ago, Shuechan said:

Oh yes! I want the Yura costume for my Jin! I hope it won't come in a rng box...




Please, this looks good too!

That's the Hell Costume from hell Island which is a boss drop, it isn't in Hongmoon store. I want the genderswapped school uniform posted above and the bikini.


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11 minutes ago, Houlon said:

The Hello Kitty stuff came from a full blown Hello kitty event, Not sure if we'll see that here as it involves licencing...which won't be free.

You never know, though. Hello Kitty stuff is apparently dirt cheap to license. Part of how it got so popular in the first place.

Though then again, their creators are nuts...

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Wow which one is the 3rd one? does it look the same for Jin or Gon? i dont like that race at all, i see Yun's too plastic, they look unrealistic, i even feel Lyns more realistic than a Yun (a well made Lyn of course, there are many that look creepy O.O)



And ya i also want the first one, it look lovely, it is halloween or something like that?

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