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3 hours ago, Lock6 said:



Sorry to hear you're having lag issues, we're always monitoring server performance and it's a top priority for us.


In cases of severe latency we recommend you contact Customer Support, they will be able to help you troubleshoot any issues.

As soon as I read this my first thought was of that LifeLock commercial lol, Not tryin to insult the devs or anything, just thought this commercial was kind of funny and a little bit relevant.




I personally love the game, and that's why I continue to play as a premium member, but I've had severe lag issues since day 1 on multiple NA servers. I know EU has it worse but their deff not alone as I've talked to people from both regions with top end equipment and the best internet available to them and their still having problems.


To be fair I know the game just released, but time is passing and things don't seem to be getting better. I've had to give up on KFM because of the lag spikes, and now Assassin as well for the same reason. I also have to run stuff solo because being in a party makes things worse, nor can I run Arena's.


One thing that I personally find sad is that because of the constant repetition, I've worked Health pots into my rotations for only after lag spikes..lol


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4 hours ago, Lock6 said:


To clarify, we are always actively working on ways to improve our service and performance as a top priority. While the issues players experience are often caused by multiple factors, many of which are out of our control, we do not consider that an excuse to ignore our responsibilities.

I am sorry but this reads as a generic response and is not actually acknowledging that there IS a big problem with your service. I have consistently played mmos and mobas and I have always had good latency and my ping to Frankfurt does not exceed 50. Then I join a dungeon/arena/mushin's tower and I get 200-300. Few of my friends have the same problem. Others claim that they have no lag whatsoever. If it was one or two of us I'd consider the possibility of it being a user side issue, but there has been multiple threads, multiple rants, multiple questions and all have been left ignored or answered with the generic "only some things are in NA but everytime you control your character you're connected to real EU servers". At the end, all you will do is tell me to contact support, which has been proven to do absolutely nothing because they're "unable to assist with high latency issues". Please, we might be stupid enough to pay you but there is a limit to everything.

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