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A suggestion regarding obsessive character creation

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This is for all you peeps who just love making characters just for the sake of saving the appearances and creating a massive album.


The appearance manager is a beautiful tool and I have quite a number of appearances saved up in my PC. The problem is all my character slots are now full so I no longer have access to that wonderful character creator. Unfortunately, I can't exactly just delete a character to free up that option since they're all at the double-digit levels which takes a week to delete (I'm also fully committed to playing those characters). I'm not asking for a free character slot but it would be great if we could continue to use the character creator to save more appearances for future use or for when we decide to buy more character slots. 


Basically, it's an option to create characters without being able to play it unless you have available character slots. I hope this makes sense as I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly...

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Regarding character deletion
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