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The Yun thread

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Oooh i must be part of the Yun crowd! <3     Shonai - My ForceMaster!  

I need some updated pictures of my Yun KFM, but here's some for now:  

Here's mine :3

3 minutes ago, Fatface said:

Ok, that makes me happy:) I'm guessing you cant make them bigger than that? I love the big elf ears like WoW.

If that was possible I would definitely make a yun.

 I don't remmember there's an option like that for Yuns, but I can be mistaken, I made mines long time ago and just loaded the preset here on NA lol

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Here's old picture of mine, Anemoon, she didn't have many outfit at that time :P, she is kinda short, and tried to make here have jin physique and quite different from many yuns out there.







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