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Having Issues whispering people.

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So I am having this odd problem. When I try to whisper people In-game it says the person does not exist.

I could be having a Full conversation with this person right next to me. Then when i try to whisper them it tell me they are not there.

This issue is really annoying when trying to party with friends , and asking them if they want to duo some dungeons.

A:Yes I have restarted My Game.

B:Yes I have Restarted my Pc.

C: Yes I tried whispering people while being in same region,channel,etc.

My Friends and I even tried going to Dungeon lobbies, To see if we could whisper there...and nope.

I know this game is having a bit of chat trouble, but this is nuts.

Its random.

I tried Several Times to Talk to to people.  And there is no hope so far. I can use /say and /f but i can't whisper anyone. 

I have resorted to Soloing/Duo-ing Dungeons Cause I have been Scammed by the Stupid master loot  scam 5 times. I can't whisper the people I trust. And No WAY will i go with a stranger anymore, Its not worth it. The Group aspect for the game has been ruined for me.

I know I can make my own Party, but i don't want to be bothered. Some of the people in this game is crazy. Plus My friend and I  do better Together. And That not My Problem. My issue is Why does the game Make it so I can't whisper people randomly.

Someone, Anyone with a fix help me if you can.


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