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I am tired of being OPPRESSED!

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The last few days my fun fighting against blackwyrm diminished. Everyday at exactly 10:30 am after special school i log in to play some BnS(""Blade and Souls").


Originally i started playing when the competitive scene in "World of Warcraft"(a well known game among hardcore gamer as myself) disappeared, so only logically i sought after a new challenge. This challenge, my friends, was being rank number one amongst my faction of choice, the bloodsail buccaneers. However after sleepless nights of research, I myself, came to the conclusion that there is indeed NO RANKING AMONG THE BLOODSAIL BUCCANEERS! and I thought i have seen it all... Well guess what?


I am tired of being OPPRESSED by these Bamboo people. Never in my experience rich life of 12 years i have felt like this. In literally no channel the bloodsail buccaneers(or how i like to call them the BBois) stand a chance against the regime of the bamboo tribe, hence we never even have the chance to kill blackwyrm and free my brothers from abortion. 


You cant even imagine the agony, by seeing all my BBoi brothers slaughtered, but once a clever man said:

“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.” 
 Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid



My depression got significantly worse, and i consider quitting the game forever, if no change happens in the next few days you will have to play without my enlightening presence.


-BBoys 4 lyfe

            Yours Shitposter11222


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