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ONLY PRO'S can answer in this topic! Gem question

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Hi! I have maxed out Siren weapon and want to put some gems in it (I'm still using the ones I got from quests). I'm a SUMMONER.

Which 4 gems should I get? If you explain why, you will get 10 pro-points and minimum +1 post count!

Thanks bro!



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diamond attack pwoer , amethyst life leach on crit , ruby chance to do additional dmg , last one depends Citrine with life leach/additional dmg  on stuned/knockdown target or Peridot which gives you crit rate after evade (keep in mind evade means evade which is a random chance and not something like your ss dodge )

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39 minutes ago, DragasLTU said:

Depends on the class

Gems aren't class dependent..

Some (most) gems are virtually useless, they exist ONLY to screw you over when transmuting (I'm looking at you ADD damage diamonds...). The general consensus for the 3 initial slots is: AP diamond, ADD damage Ruby, Life Leech Amethyst. Since we don't have many of the really good gems (the ones that give AP + some other bonus), I wouldn't really bother with the remaining 3 slots, but if you do wanna push for that, THEN its a matter of preference for the last 3 gems.

Edit: I mentioned "3 remaining slots" because I'm not sure if we can expand our weapons to 8 slots just yet.

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Diamond AP,Amethyst Lide Drain and everything else....whatever has attack on it.For Pve extra dmg is fine(ruby)but attack is more important.

Get the peridote from event.Don't overstimate the 3 attack !

Someone for example in my server selling the yellow 5 attack one for 250g..wish i had them.

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