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mushin tower 7th floor


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You have to constantly have him CC'd or you risk him using his combo. His combo will destroy your health within it's first few seconds, and if you don't cancel it, you can basically kiss your ass goodbye. He starts using his combo religiously at <30% HP.


As a summoner, this is an extreme PITA. Even with my CCs specced for fastest possile cooldowns and longest possible CCs, I have to perfectly time and use everything. Did cat miss his anklebiter and now you have to use your cat's second CC, strike? Well, you likely just costed yourself 50% of your HP because now you can't maintain constant CC. Was Junghado immune for some stupid reason when you tried to CC? gg, 50%.


Taunt becomes a *cricket* to maintain at <30%, so you're better off using CCs to lock him down. >30% taunt is fine and you can let him stand up without an extreme fear of his combo.


And no, I'm not talking about his 5min. enrage timer when I say <30%. He gets more 'desperate' at <30%. When enraged he simply becomes a god of death.

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15 minutes ago, AsphineNytrix said:

LOL..... As a BM I say.... WTF. I have to properly watch and dodge all his attacks and you just care about keeping stealth..... Some things are not really well balanced. He should get a buff to see invis from time to time.


Anyway as a BM I´m getting closer. Last time he was left with 160k HP before rage.....

As a Sin I also have to watch properly and not mess up my rotation skills. Our stealth is clearly our defense, just like how your block is your defense. Playing as both a summoner and a Sin, a Summoner gets resistance when it successfully dandelions or just back steps to invisible aoe or not. A sin does not have that much successful mobility especially during aoes and ice/fire traps. I'm not sure if Jungshado ignores the summoner's dandelion... I have not tried mushin tower on my summoner yet, as a sin.  when he enrages or see you while he is preparing to attack, he can still kick you out of invisible without a care in the world. 

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18 minutes ago, IntX said:





True profane 10, awakened infernal 10




(I tweaked the build a bit as I just realized a couple more beneficial things)


With that you have a plethora of CC and iframes to deal with Junghado for the 4s the boss wont have aggro, 4 is your go-to iframe for any moment the boss starts attacking you, you get 6s of breath in which the boss will go back to your cat, also when taunt is 4s left you can use 1 to bind the boss for 5s and then Q again so it goes back to the cat, countering any attack with 4 will reset 1.


4 is your main iframe, E is an iframe, SS is an iframe, X is an iframe, 4+F is an iframe, V is a cc, tab is a cc, 1 is a cc, v+tab will pin him down for 5 seconds, 3 is more of an extra 10% heal atm since junghado got no big ranged attacks (he does have one tho) if you're HM level 2 or if you dont want the 10% heal from 3 you can spec C to daze and you got yet another cc, all of this available during the mere 4 seconds the cat wont be tanking.


For his big aoe, he will shout sword of the dragon or something like that and all attacks on him will be evaded, pay attention when his red AoE is cast and use 4, you will block his aerial attack and you wont take any damage.


tl;dr junghado is faceroll on smn if you treat him like he's another player, taunt and cc the shit out of him.

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I downed him today with my Destroyer after 1 hour of practice. True Profane + Awakened Infernal accs. MY GOD. I had to double, triple check my build on every attempt. Until I realized a good CC rotation (Thankfully Destro gets a lot of them) without dropping my DPS so I don't hit enrage. It was exciting. I cursed the gods during that time. D: 

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I actually use the bees over the sunflower for single target, I also made the mistake of upgrading my profane to siren losing out on the amazing focus regen buff for nearly no damage upgrade, oops

Well this is me facerolling junghado, I do also have fm and dest at max, so do understand some of the pain of facing him on a non-summoner



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