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BnS Improvements Megathread


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Just a list of features, ideas, suggestions, that could make the game a lot more enjoyable for everyone.


You can help support this thread by posting your thoughts on any of the suggestions, or posting your own suggestions, like the post, etc.


Ranges from in-game features, cash shop, anti-bot, etc.


Some ideas are taken from other people's threads I happened to read at random.


Similar thread from someone else with many good ideas:



Off the top of my head, from my experience in developing game servers solo and working with code I know in and out, finishing a list like this might take me a month or two to actually burn through and code. (Given, that's me spending free time to do it while I work a full time job doing other things, and sometimes spending free time on games/anime).


NCSoft has to work with a much bigger source that wasn't originally made by them from the Koreans, and they mention they have to work with the Korean team to get some things done anyway. Who knows how long it'd take for them to go through this list, on top of bringing us patch updates from the recent versions of the game.


Who knows, some of these suggestions might even be a "We wish we could do that (in a reasonable time frame)" for NCSoft. I've looked at PHP files for a forum setup... it's a real mess to add new features to, and especially edit the core.


Some stuff might already be in-game, and I just glossed over it. In which case!!!


Here's the stuff that used to be in my signature:

Coding suggestion to filter spambots. (Updated 2/5/2016) | <- Added as of 2/2/2016's patch ;)

Suggestion for Faction Domination Fix


At the top: I'll list the things people just seem to be most concerned with right now.

  • Client stability.
  • Game exiting to desktop upon disconnect/failure.
  • Cross-server/Arena ping/connection
  • EU's server situation in general (I'm NA and still get the cross-server/arena problems too)

NCSoft reply to ping/lag situation.

  • Communicate with us. Why aren't twitch streams posted in News & Discussions on the forum? Why aren't verbose patch notes given to us - instead you sneak in changes without telling us. This can make you lose the trust of your playerbase.
  • Class balance - I assume this is to be most addressed as players get level 50 and players get more hongmoon secret techniques. In other words, keeping up with getting patches for the latest content from other regions into our version.
  • Break the "Master Loot Stealing" exploit. (Suggested to prevent being able to change loot rules while in combat, during bosses, and/or making players vote on loot change options if changed from default).
  • AFK Players have a stricter time limit while in a cross-server dungeon, and are also excluded from drops and bids if they are not in the boss room. Note: Requiring them to do X damage to the boss will only allow high levels to annoy lower levels and block them from getting drops.
  • IF you add a vote kick, make it only possible to vote kick players that are detected as AFK by a system. That way friends can let friends AFK. People can AFK a short time and not get autokicked by the system. And pubs can remove useless players. The AFK timer should be about 1 or 2 minutes. 1 minute being a very strict end. The average player won't stop for more than a minute to do nothing if they're actively playing.
  • On that note, how about a system in which players get marked as AFK or Zzz... over time, maybe even displaying to others how long they've been afk.
  • Remove fire walls from dungeons. Remove instant kill turrets from dungeons. Replace them with the same kind of portals used to change instances in the world. Make it so the portal becomes red once all players have gone through it, and only becomes passable again if all players die and resurrect. This is what we need in front of boss doors. Not the ad-hoc attempt at anti-virus that is there now.
  • Having to log into the forums 5 or more times before it actually lets you login.
  • Do something about spambots, hackers, trainers, farm bots, etc.


Steam Platform

  • While this is a great way to give the game a "Second Launch Release" and gain now players or get some players back, do not do this in the current state of the game.
  • Client+server+connection stability come first. Steam integration come second.
  • This game has this air of "incompleteness" with some major updates that the game needs for balancing not in yet, and the whole cash shop+premium that feels like it needs work. Wait till the game has a bit more of the meat from the latest version of the game. And especially whatever bugfixes/optimizations there are.
  • I would love to see this game on Steam some day, but not right now. I feel as if it'll only hurt the game more if it's done in its current state due to all the crash+lag+etc complaints, not to mention more that may be introduced if it comes to Steam with the overlay. Also EU's server situation.
  • If it is ever put on Steam, please try to do it in such a way that we don't have to re-download the entire game to launch it through Steam, if we've already downloaded it from the original launcher. There are games that used to not be on Steam, that were added, and end up doing this which is pointless and a waste of time and disk space. (Looking at you, MicroVolts).
  • Would be cool if the game could have integration with Steam's context menu for friends for "Join Game", "Launch Game", "View Game Info", etc. Mostly just the "Launch Game" part.


In-game quality of life feature wishlist.

  • Release legendary boxes with Naryu Labrynth that can only be opened at a later update. The purpose of this is to allow us to farm them now, but only be able to open them once the NA version of BnS is developed to a point where it is viable for players to actually upgrade for their legendary weapon.


(It was stated during the Warlock Week livestream that they aren't being released yet because players don't have enough in-game methods of obtaining the upgrade materials to level up a legendary weapon, so they have to release it some other time).


  • Infinite/faster recharge windwalking.
  • Recharging 15000 windwalk energy should take the same amount of time as recharging 12000 windwalk energy. Otherwise there's no point.
  • Able to auto-windwalk instead of the currently existing autorun feature (which is mostly useless because of windwalking being canceled if you use it).
  • Option to salvage items/soul shields faster / Spam salvage. Able to multi-select items in inventory for salvaging, transmuting, evolve, whatever.
  • Cross-character (account based) wardrobe.
  • NPC are speaking completely different voice lines than their subtitles. What.
  • Limited free wardrobe. Full free wardrobe from premium.
  • Limited cross-character (account based) item/gold mailing. Fully unlocked through premium. Limitation could be like, F2P can send mail to an alt character once or twice per day.
  • Account bound hongmoon store outfits, if account based wardrobe doesn't happen. (At the very least, able to mail those costumes to your alts, which I remember a mod suggested once). EDIT: Apparently mailing is available by spending $5, not having active premium. I'm good with that.
  • Unlocking dragon pouch inventory/bank unlocks it on all characters.
  • Special channels that enforce faction balance: Only an equal number of enemy faction forces can fill up the channel. In other words, a channel where 50/50 is forced.
  • Special channel for FFA or faction-less PvP. I know in the future there'll be "Clan PvP Island" but this is full on FFA, kill anyone. Though, this would be much better implemented as its own area in the world/continent, which I would suggest being forwarded to KOR if they ever consider developing such a thing.
  • Since it seems hongmoon secret techniques can be bought on market I don't know if alternatives for non-PvP or non-PvE to get techniques from the gameplay they don't want. When I learn more I might revisit this.
  • Boost experience dropped from mobs into something that actually makes killing 'trash mobs' worth it. This is probably the first MMORPG I've seen where the literal only reason to kill mobs is if they have a drop or require it from a quest. Level 45 trash mobs are dropping 129 xp... even with 220% bonus exp or whatever, that's really not worth bothering with over daily quests when a hongmoon level is 750k exp (the exp scale is perfect/just fine imo though, 1-45 is refreshing to be as fast as it is, this MMORPG is all about end-game anyway, and it gives me something to grind for and keep me playing/busy). Also, fix whatever this stuff is about mobs not dropping as much as 1 copper unless you're premium or w/e.
  • Allow us to view our ping.





  • Improve "Faction Domination" situation on servers.
  • Suggestion to make Daily Dash more appealing for everyone.
  • Enter Faction Message keybinding
  • Enter Clan Message keybinding
  • Ability to bind keys to 3rd mouse button, 4th, 5th mouse buttons.
  • This game feels "incomplete" and feels as if the developers left in broken/dev content. For example, look at the two veils you can buy from the Misty Woods faction salesman. There is a veil that costs 1g, and then there's an apparently identical veil that costs 1000g. What even are these numbers. What is the point of the identical item? Is that a glitched unused extra item that just happened to be left in the game?
  • Only cinderlands seems to spam your inventory with a bunch of inferior items. Either that or I just didn't do enough random collection quests in the moonwater plains. Well. It's not like I want more inventory management I guess.
  • The price of everything is 1 copper to the npc shops. Why not scale things from viridian to cinderlands to moonwater to give people a little extra change from denied bids, and NPCing trash items (assuming we don't salvage them or don't feel the need to salvage some day).
  • When unsealing something like a soul shield, it would be convenient to have a tooltip that shows the stats it could possibly end up with. This will help people interested in min/maxing their shield's stats.

    Or rather than a tooltip, an "information" option on the item itself that can display this whether it's sealed or unsealed, that also gives a comparison to what stats you have on it already.

  • Allow the transfering of keybind presets from character to character. Keep the ability to have them separated though - I do use different setups.

  • I've noticed that crafting some items requires a 12 hour wait.


12 hour waits are a bad design, they should be lowered to 11 hour waits. If there's anything that's 24 hour, it should be lowered to 22 hours.


Why? 12 hours is a scheduling creep. It creeps farther and farther back into the player's schedule. I work 8hr every work day.


Putting my work schedule into perspective, (also students sit in school for ~8 hours too so it applies to them), I get home every day at 8AM. I leave for work at 10PM.


I can start a craft for 5 keys (12 hour wait) at 8AM, and finish it by 8PM before I go to work. Then I can start a new one, and finish it when I get home from work at 8AM.


But let's say I take longer to get home. I get home at 8:30AM today. Now I have to wait till 8:30PM to restart my craft. Now I also have to wait until 8:30AM to restart my craft when I get home from work.


Let's say I'm just exhausted. I wake up at 9:30PM, remember my craft and reset it, and get ready for work and leave at 10PM as usual.


Now I have to wait until 9:30AM when I get home to restart it.


The schedule keeps creeping farther and farther away. I had a similar problem in another MMORPG that had a 24 hour wait, or a 7 day wait. It's timed poorly that way.


Let's say the schedule now creeps into or slightly beyond 10PM. Now I can't reset my craft at night and have to skip a day.


Eventually these schedule creeps encourage people to skip a whole day of doing stuff in the game. It's even worse for things you wait on that are actually 24 hours, because then I will really skip an entire day and not open the game if I feel like there's nothing else to do or I'm missing that daily chore to rope me into the game again, and I'll wait until the cooldown is at a more convenient time a day or two later.


We can easily reverse schedule creep by making it 11 hours. 22 hours. 6 days. There was an MMORPG where you make most of your cash from a quest you can only do once a week. It's what generated the most "gold". But I don't always wake up at the same time every weekend to do the quest at exactly the right time to avoid schedule creep. Missing that quest has led me to skipping the game for entire weekends because I know I can't catch up with that important quest. And during work days I hardly play the game due to work. Then I skip the next week because I've lost my habit. And that particular MMORPG, I've kinda stopped playing it since 6 months ago or so. No more premium from me.


I think the wait was actually 6 days and 22 hours, giving you a 2 hour window to walk your schedule backwards, but that's unrealistic for pretty much a 7 day wait. It would have had to have been 6 days for me to really be able to. Had it been 6 days I would be planning in anticipation to log in and play that one day early to keep things in check.


A small reduction in time like this can save players a lot of headache, and still have minimal impact on the rate of whatever they are farming, comes into the game.

  • A third, account-based vault (that allows account based item sharing as well).




Clan management suggestions.

  • How long do clan names go on cooldown when you disband a clan? I lost two good clan names before realizing that people weren't super ninja-ing my clan names, they were being put on a cooldown for either 7 days, 90 days, or 2-3 years. I don't know which because different NCSoft employees have given players conflicting answers. This cooldown should be the same as usernames. Instant.
  • This guy's thread. And this guy's thread.
  • Administration options for leaders and anyone the leader appoints those features to. In other words, option to chat gag a member, temporarily punish clan members or recruits who do not get along, etc. Right now we can only kick them from the clan to moderate them.
  • For characters on the same server, account based participation in a clan so alts on the same server don't waste extra clan member spots.
  • Check when a clan member last logged in.
  • Check who donates what to the clan.


  • Add notes to clan members, similar to how friends have.


  • DO NOT add the option for leaders/etc to remove items from the clan vault, however, DO add the option for individuals to retract their own personal donations if they second guess what they're doing. (And add logs for that kind of activity).


Forum/website suggestions.

  • Please reach out to us and give us updates through your own website.
  • Why not release an update/development roadmap so players can stop spamming to ask about what is going on with the game, stop spamming about balance problems/similar that will possibly be fixed when we get closer to the finished version of the game other regions have, and be transparent about how fast these updates are likely to come through. Try to avoid making it sound like a definitive schedule or promise though, else people will be frustrated if delays happen.
  • A real wiki that's really updated.
  • Limit bot spam on the forums, maybe by requiring a minimum in-game level to post in certain sections of the forum. That minimum level would probably be best at lvl 2 or 3, whatever we end up with after getting out of the tutorial island.
  • Fix login issues as mentioned above.
  • Fix logout issue where we automagically get logged out for no reason despite 'Remember Me'.
  • Custom avatar, custom title (under our name/avatar). Hopefully via an unlock feature ;p
  • Fix quote boxes.
  • How 2 bold text?
  • HTML or bbcode access... something so I can actually control this WYSIYG formatting.
  • Every time I post a link to another thread on this forum, every link in my post automatically expands into a huge quote box that I have to CTRL+Z away. Why.
  • Something that lets us display next to our names/avatar, direct information about one of our in-game characters or similar.
  • An edit button at the top of my post so I don't have to scroll down my entire post to edit ;p
  • A section for Rants/Constructive Criticism so you can read or not read that section.
  • Forum is very heavily thrown into General Discussion. And things that are better off in its own section are thrown there too, only to get buried. I think you could use some more sections on the forum.
  • Suggestions section. If you don't want to call it "Suggestions" which puts some weight on you guys, add a "Feedback section". Or add both.
  • Discussion sections for *taken from Runescape*, Recent game updates, Future game updates, and existing game content.
  • I feel like the forum is missing something to go from the thread you're reading, back to the forum section it's in. For example, an option to go straight back to General Discussion would be useful as most forums have that.


Premium suggestions - Personally right now I feel like there is nothing about it that is worth paying for. I have bought some cash shop cosmetics and inventory though. But that's it.

  • Allow us to toggle the windwalking animations/particles and the flashy EXP bar.



  • Minimum duration premium. In other words, you can choose to pay a higher price for premium membership that only drains time when you're actually in-game. (Whether it drains in the character select... I don't necessarily care. It's majorly supposed to save us from premium drain while offline).


A lot of players who grew up playing older MMORPG as kids, right now, might be young adults now at age 20+ with full time jobs only playing in their free time and whatnot. Offering premium that is more expensive/hour of gaming will profit you more, while saving us money, and giving us more incentive to buy it in the first place. And presumably, people with a job will be more willing to pay for this economic version of premium time.





7day prem = 400ncoin = $5 - Notice that if you do the math, 30day isn't really cheaper at all except for the fact that the student pack gets a few extra items with it. Buying 90day or 1year is the same.

30day prem = 1000ncoin = $12.50 - Drains even while offline. Not reimbursed if you go inactive, or from scheduled maintenance.


Suggestion: 7day prorated prem = $12.50 - Only drains if online in world/arena/cross-server (not in character select). Doesn't need to be reimbursed for emergency maintenance... because it's not as if you're losing any time. This is just a wild estimate, but maybe 7 days would last me out a full month or less. Literally drains by the second. I have a good feeling adding this option will start conversations like "Oh yeah man, you should totally by this premium instead cause it's better".


Having a countdown timer in real time for your premium expiration is a nice reminder to renew it. I don't know if the current premium does that already or not, but both types should.


I might suggest against being able to buy this type of premium in a large bulk like how normal premium can be bought for a full year, since it won't be drained during offline hours.


Meanwhile, normal players can get the regular week/month/etc subscription that is technically cheaper, based on the player actually playing every day almost, and works as the "buy in bulk" deal. And for normal players, the existence for the more expensive alternative only makes normal membership look cheaper and more appealing.


It's basically like unlimited texting vs limited texting.


  • Reimburse premium for unscheduled/emergency maintenance via 1-day premium tickets or similar. It's common courtesy in a lot of MMORPG. Only available to those with premium.
  • Someone did the math and found out that you hardly really save any money for buying premium in bulk of 90 days or even a year. He also argued that buying a bulk of premium subscription all at once should be cheaper because it means the player is making a longer commitment to the game than other people might be willing to. It means their business is guaranteed for that duration of time. Buying more premium at once should have discounts.
  • Premium vault. For people who are unwilling to further buy more dragon pouches, there could be an inventory limited to premium users. Once premium runs out, you can only remove items from that vault but not add new ones. Bonus points if premium vault allows stacking of items you normally can't stack. Would make it very appealing.
  • Limited free wardrobe. Full free wardrobe from premium.


  • Limited cross-character (account based) item/gold mailing. Fully unlocked through premium. Limitation could be like, F2P can send mail to an alt character once or twice per day.
  • Account bound hongmoon store outfits, if account based wardrobe doesn't happen. (At the very least, able to mail those costumes to your alts, which I remember a mod suggested once).
  • Free windstride for premium. Free instant deliveries on gathering/crafting/mail/quests. It's already cheap without prem anyway. It'll look more appealing that way.
  • Add premium points like other regions have.


Cash shop suggestions - So far I mostly see players saying what they don't like about the cash shop. Well, here's suggestions that I would be happy to pay for.

  • I'll mention that I'm wary of buying cash shop cosmetics at all cause there's no way to use them on your alt accounts unless you waste for duplicates. Probably best solved by account based wardrobe that allows stackable storing of costumes as well.
  • Imo, right now your biggest priority to sell this game is to fix lag, client stability, etc. Should've allowed free server transfering for maybe a full month, as long as it took queue to die down. Not as long as it took for all those queued players to quit forever. It's too easy for players to be turned off by lag/crashes. Think Maslow's hiearchy of needs. People won't care about buying stuff for fun if they can't even play the game without constant crashing.
  • To me, the only thing I'll be interested in buying are good costumes, at least if they either become cheaper or become account wide in some way. All the in-game material stuff... Hmhm, I'll just farm those. I think you're doing good with that though, I suppose. Because the real important end-level stuff isn't there. If it were there, I'd be rolling my eyes.
  • Unlocking dragon pouch inventory/bank unlocks it on all characters.
  • Actually, I'm waiting to see a weapon glamor/reskin thing that looks good to buy. Hopefully we'll see one in the future.
  • Option to change race, only if your class supports that race, via an advanced makeover ticket or similar.
  • Option to rename cats.
  • Let's discuss RNG boxes.
  • Ability to create more alt accounts than there are classes. What if someone wants to make another character of the same class on another server? Or another class with a different race? Etc.
  • Option to unlock "Alternate View" version of outfits. In other words, you can wear the Gon version of an outfit on your Lyn or Jin, or the Lyn version of an outfit on something else. I put this as a cash shop item because it'll take a lot of development. I wouldn't mind if there were a matching item we buy for every outfit in the game or if it was a single item that unlocked the feature for everything in-game. If it's only for one item for one costume, I'm okay with that because realistically people will stick to one or two outfits.


If for some reason you guys MUST add RNG boxes again (I hope not, it looks like a majority dislike that idea for how greedy it makes companies look)...


Make it a box that is designed for players to WIN. Not for players to LOSE.


Make a box with this philosophy: Gold, Gold, Gold, or Gold.

Not a box with this philosophy: Copper, copper, silver, or copper.


It should be a 100% chance for the player to get a good item that anybody would want. Just what you get is randomized. However, depending on how good the rewards are (maybe you can also do 3 different tiers of "Surprise Boxes"), limit it to where people can only buy the box once a day, or five boxes a day. Maybe some people will get a habit of eating those cookies.


Do not do this with cosmetics. A RNG box with an array of different costumes would be a terrible idea because you don't know who will like the looks of what outfits. Especially do not put an outfit exclusive to the box in there.


The goal is to avoid a scenario in which the player only wants one item from the RNG box. Avoid the antagonism and frustration when the player doesn't get their roll, especially after paying real money. Avoid the glare the player gives you when they think you are being greedy in designing the box that way.


You have to think of why players seem to overreact to these things in the first place. I don't like the idea of seeing a real cash box that only has a small chance to get the only item that's worth it in the box. I know it's designed for players to lose and designed to hook certain people into buying tons of that box.


Special care must be taken to ensure reward equality between whatever items are in the box, based on the current content in the game and economy.


Right now the cash shop philosophy seems to be to only include items from a step below the endgame. Or rather, everywhere except the endgame. And I agree with it totally. This way people actually have stuff to do in the endgame. This MMORPG is being sold as a "play the endgame" MMORPG anyway, which I think is working out so far. New players are already likely to give in to buying some things like gem hammer or brilliant keys when they are starting out, and it avoids the notion of P2W quite nicely when most of what you can buy is only a shortcut to leveling up, but not a shortcut to maxing out.


Anyway from the above paragraph, the point is not to throw soulstone, moonwater transformation stones, and similar into the box. Absolutely do not. I know you guys care about the economy and notice that you don't throw too many things into the game that throw off things that are kind of the bulk of the current economy. The RNG box with the moonwater stone was removed pretty fast which is good.


Of course right now, I'm not entirely sure what items in game we could make into a Gold/Gold/Or/Gold RNG box without making the box be "too OP or too p2w". First thing that comes to mind are hongmoon gemstones and lucky jewels like we already get littered with from the starter survey... but I think that is too much even to put in a RNG box unless you make it so the box can only be bought once a week, which sounds kind of like too long of a wait.


But with that suggestion given, maybe you guys can think of something interesting. Maybe we have to wait for Silverfrost and other areas to come out before we can really make an appealing RNG box.


Of course, we could always just keep RNG boxes out of this game.


Edit: Hongmoon Store recently had friendship RNG boxes or something for 2 days. It was possible to get a heroic venture token, and then get 500 hongmoon points back and buy like 5 more boxes. I think a lot of people liked that one, it was basically free items ;p



  • Is it just me, or are the NPCs in nightshade harbor (both good and bad guys) all christians or something.


Literally, we have those female pirate officers kind of calmly saying "I could use some action". They need to sound more like a tomboy or something. Not like some kind of polite church nun.


Turncoat Shuisho's voice acting is great. His voice fits his face. This game does have some good voice acting, I like Junghado as well. Yet he doesn't speak any of his lines during the fight with him. Why is he only partially voiced? I love his calm/confident/elitist personality.


The rest of the va is ... only good for laughing at how silly or badly done it is. Well. I can't talk about the cost of hiring VA, I just wish anime/similar would try to get VA from movies or something. Plenty of real-life movies for midevil/ninja/samurai movies are just fine for what they do.


Jang Mange, the daily quest guy in nightshade harbor.


He's one of the "good side" people, yet he sounds really condescending towards the "hero" we play as. He also sounds awkwardly desperate. It's just weird. The localization of his translated lines also just doesn't seem to fit the way the guy looks. I dunno how he is in other regions though.


His voice is high pitched for a guy who has more of a face of a lion than Blood Mane has. Why isn't he voiced by someone with a more gruff/rough voice.


"I'm so glad to see you. You have to help us. We just kinda need you to go on a 200+ enemy kill streak to make the invasion easier for our army that would probably die in the first 1v1 they come across. Also please take care of all the major boss threats for us too. Then we'll send in secret agents so we can confirm all those mysterious men are still there meaning we still can't go in so you have to do it for us again."


Please NCSoft, you have to help us.


Jang Jihwa's voice acting is just fine, but some of her quest lines are voiced and some are not. Why is that? Just couldn't fine where the voice files lined up with the text in the game's source files or something? Is this a glitch?


Also, Poharan is kind of okay, but the voiceline where she says "Looks painful" really is painful, because whatever soundfile was used for that literally has some kind of sound artifact in it that makes it sound like my speakers are screaching.


Actually, in livestream it was asked if Poharan would be revoiced. One of the speakers said, "I don't know why we would revoice her, I don't see that happening...?". Well this is why- her voice is clippy right now.


Why are those fire/ice demon girl sisters supposed to sound like spoiled teenage girls. It'd be cooler if they sounded like an icey demon girl and a firey demon girl. Well. It's not as silly as Jang Mange is at least.


I liked the mysterious man though. Whoever he really is.


Why doesn't the Venomous Thrasher have any voicelines? It seems to me as if he's the type of guy who would give all the warriors a greating and offer some tea for going there to meet him, except he's really a maniac and attacks everyone after realizing they want to poach more of his precious mite eggs like the blackram always do.

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Server transfer got me over. I swear to god they HAVE to make it happen. So many people can't freely play with their friends because of different servers were forced at the start aswell as the login queues. NCsoft make it happen, give us server transfers already!

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I think they had server transfers for like... 1 week. And that was before their first weekend after the release.


They should've left it in for way longer than that so people could sort themselves into new servers. On top of that, they should've made the number of people in each server or queued in each server or server "fullness" transparent to the players.

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11 minutes ago, NueHoujuu said:

I think they had server transfers for like... 1 week. And that was before their first weekend after the release.


They should've left it in for way longer than that so people could sort themselves into new servers. On top of that, they should've made the number of people in each server or queued in each server or server "fullness" transparent to the players.

Atop of that you had to relevel completely, but by that time people already were past the point where that'd be sane. Not to mention it isn't that hard to switch our chars server only, and letting us keep our level and all. 

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By the way, this post is structured way poorer than I'd like to, because I really don't want to rely on having to create the post on some other forum and then copying the formatting from their to here or something.


No bold text. No resizing text. No recoloring text. I can't make things fancy and just italicize my headings ⁽˚̀བ̇˚́⁾̉


Copy pasting my signature puts a highlight/background on my text... luckily it's all the same formatting since it's from this very forum, but...

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1 hour ago, NueHoujuu said:

By the way, this post is structured way poorer than I'd like to, because I really don't want to rely on having to create the post on some other forum and then copying the formatting from their to here or something.


No bold text. No resizing text. No recoloring text. I can't make things fancy and just italicize my headings ⁽˚̀བ̇˚́⁾̉


Copy pasting my signature puts a highlight/background on my text... luckily it's all the same formatting since it's from this very forum, but...


I acknowledge your efforts.  Can't comment because huge, but I'mma bump.


Unfortunately, I have my doubts whether NCSoft will.

The most important things to me that would improve the game:


Server transfers:  Somehow got stuck on a BR server ( Yehara ).  Lots of BR spam; the tiny bit of Spanish I know is enough to let me know not all their chat is friendly toward NA players.  Would rather a primarily English server.  Would transfer off immediately.


Store pricing structure and business practices:  They suck, costumes need to be account bound, cash shop RNG boxes need to never return, etc.


Performance:  This one is going to be hard due to how outdated the engine is, but 40 FPS in a 6-man dungeon on a GTX 980 Ti is not good.


Premium membership:  Sucks.


Community interaction:  No roadmap, no representatives on the forums, etc.  Combined with the third rate localization, it feels like NCSoft has not made any commitment to the west, but is instead, just making a cash grab with the full expectation for the game to die out.

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Omg if OP want all this fix i would say take a 1 year break from the game.Way too many things to fix for the short term.I do agree that each problem should have his own thread marking too many like op just did just gonna get ignored.

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For RNG boxes, they should put in all out-of-season/style outfits, and make an RNG Box based all of those. If NCSoft for whatever reason discontinued outfits from the store, make them obtainable via RNG Box. No trash items, not even if its a brilliant key, JUST outfits.


So the players have a 100% chance of winning something good, but still have a motivator for purchasing them (like completing their Outfit Collection.) and will never feel like they're cheated, because they get what they want exactly, even if its not an outfit they're aiming for.

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48 minutes ago, Keawen said:

Omg if OP want all this fix i would say take a 1 year break from the game.Way too many things to fix for the short term.I do agree that each problem should have his own thread marking too many like op just did just gonna get ignored.


Well yes, as the OP says, it could potentially take NCSoft many months to actually burn through this list.





Since cash shop outfits aren't trade/sellable, imo, putting them in rng boxes is a very bad idea. You will end up with trash outfits and duplicate oufits that will only make the player feel like they wasted their money and make them mad at the company.

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it just came out! way too early to think about a second launch on steam, besides when a lot of games move to steam the bot problem grows even bigger or if they didn't have one before it starts to become a problem. Not only that but it will just serve the same region locks that we already have, so it will just be NA/EU reinstalling it through steam.


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Pretty sure I didn't see this listed in this topic (altho i did not go back and read the other topic that was linked). This has to do with Keybindings.


Currently your are able to keybind mouse buttons 1,2,6,7+

For some unknown and confusing reason we are not able to keybind mouse buttons 3, 4 or 5. Why and how did it get designed as such? I can have lmb and rmb plus any button above 6 keybound? Why is 3,4,5 skipped? How does that make any sense?


Now I'm no programmer, but I can't imagine that this issue cannot be resolved with the next patch.

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You never know. The way the forum is organized now, it feels like suggestions can only go into General Discussion, but that makes good suggestions all the more likely to get drowned out by the countless other threads in the general section.


And looking a the devtracker these past few days, I've seen more suggestions get a response from NCSoft because the OP was spam bumping it and it got locked (after a little acknowledgement).


Also other people are more likely to just tl;dr this.



I'm interesting in seeing if anyone disagrees/dislikes any of my ideas, so we can further refine the idea.


The main goal of this thread is just to put some ideas in NCSofts head. I'm completely new to this company so I don't have a big picture of how far they'll go for their customer, how fast they can, etc. Right now they are at least giving a lot of 'we're trying'.

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Added a cash shop suggestion, wondering about people's feedback:


  • Option to unlock "Alternate View" version of outfits. In other words, you can wear the Gon version of an outfit on your Lyn or Jin, or the Lyn version of an outfit on something else. I put this as a cash shop item because it'll take a lot of development. I wouldn't mind if there were a matching item we buy for every outfit in the game or if it was a single item that unlocked the feature for everything in-game. If it's only for one item for one costume, I'm okay with that because realistically people will stick to one or two outfits.
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