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Failed to connect to server

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have you submited a ticket to support at least ? guys this is the first thing to do, before coming on the forum ^^
If they receive 2000 support tickets they'll react faster than if there is a single whinning thread with 2000 comments ^^

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perfect image for this problem

NA servers EU Servers    

3 minutes ago, Rawrzory said:

I'm starting to think NCsoft is pulling the plug themselves everytime just to kill off a part of the EU population slowly and surely. There is almost no other explanation anymore ...


its more about, i wouldnt give a shit either to EU, cuz EU mentality is worse than NA + NA ppl are way more to suck the money out. NCsoft is tbh a good dev, but for asia and a part to NA. rest is shit. 

just as an example: they took out the ingamevoice for communication in NA and EU, cuz the mentality sucks there

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2 minutes ago, D4ve said:

Seriously is there a day in which this shit doesn't happen?

errr nope!!! 
LOL >.< hehe honestly I wish the server wouldn't have this much problems...

But oh well... we can't do anything untill they resolve it we'r just have to wait as always a few hours maybe 5 with some luck...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd this is the reason why I wont spent any more money in NCsoft games EVER again...

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2 minutes ago, sephar3101 said:

"  it won't do you any good either "


You -  used to refer to the person or people that the speaker is addressing.



Come again?

Sorry I didn't realize I was talking to a robot. Go out sometimes and talk to people so you learn that "you" can be applied when you are generally speaking about something. Eg. You don't mix peanut butter with thai curry. <-- This means that people don't mix peanut butter with thai curry. I feel like a fool explaining something like this to somebody...

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