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Failed to connect to server


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10 minutes ago, ORangeSkull said:


perfect image for this problem




And not, they're not bans. Im a complete legit player without 3rd parts programs so I can assure you this is a problem.

I was playing till a couple hours ago.

But its indeed sad to see this game have a new problem everyday... chats not working... logins... marketplace...

Is this game still in Alpha stage?



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12 minutes ago, Raijuu said:

No need to behead the NCsoft staff yet, I'm sick and tired of the connection issues as well but it's one of these, the game is out for like what...a month? Shit still needs to be improved and I'm sure they are working on it. Just go watch Deadpool in the meantime lol



I would agree if the game was new, but they've been going years in Korea.

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9 minutes ago, sephar3101 said:


I'm afraid in this modern day and age, that reasoning just doesn't wash ... 


It's still a good reasoning, there is no point in looking for a culprit when se dont know what happened. Aside from the lag the servers are doing nice being the first month after launch.

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Just now, Latarius said:

I should have been stayed with the russian Servers lol, they where running much more stable and with less crashed servers ^^

no matter if RU, KR or even private servers, they're all much MUCH more stable than EU...

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