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Clan Alt Control system (Important request!)


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Because bug subforum killed my thread i try again here. But with new information i will change some texts.

Too bad we have not feature thread, like other mmo forums. Good ideas from players are welcome to improve the game.


Here is my idea to improve the Clan Alt Control inside the clan.

We all known we can make at least one alt as F2P. But Premium users can even have 6 alts, that makes total 7 characters. Very much actually.


Now there are problems:

- The clan has room for 50 people. At level 3 it has 60 players. But for 70 players there is big paywall until level 10. No one clan has level 10! Even 80 players room (max in game) it starts from level 13.

- So, upgrade clan goes until 80 people. That is not big. (if you know Swordsman as example, the clan size can hold more than 200 members.) So, 80 members is just 30 members more but it needs already level 13. That is way more ahead and more expensive. I cannot see because slider for level 15 won't go more down and stay unreadable. Clan room is VERY EXPENSIVE.

The game has no control over alts. Which means the alts will also use clan space.

That is a big problem. If we allow main+alt in a clan, we have 50/2 = 25 real players. 2 alts makes it only more worser.

What about 6 alts? Forget it. That looks clan more less active and you cannot invite more. It's already full. Full of alts.... it's wrong this way.

In most clans the alts are not allowed due room problems.


Now, i know many players want change later to alts and join the clan. But the leader player has also own problem if he has 6 alts. As leader you want also keep the clan in eye, but changing to other alt is problem, you only waste the room, even you put all your 6 alts in the clan. Pretty bad idea and not good idea because the clan room limit.


So i have the idea to solve the alt problem. We need some alt control mechanism in the game.


I try explain how the system should work:

- When you make as leader with your main a clan...

- and after some time you want use your alt in the clan. Alt is not in the clan yet.

Here the game will help you.

- Open the clan window (Key H).

- You will see the game recognize you as real owner of the clan, and will ask you with a question:

"One of your characters is already registered in the clan XXXXXX"

"Will you add your character to your clan in the place of the registered character?"

[Yes] - (The character will take in the place of the registered character)

[No] - (Your character wil not register in your clan and stay alone. Here you can even go to other clan for example.)

(Actually one button "Join my clan" is also enough. Not clicking on button means also "no i don't want".)


If you made a mistake, you can go to Clan Management window and request the joining in your clan.
Even you left other clan and want come back, you can do it again on H window.

Of course if you change to another faction, the game won't ask you if you want join the clan. It's not possible and you will stay separated.

Only if you're back again at correct Faction side, the game ask you again if you want add your character to your clan.

The main wil NOT deleted but it shares the same spot with the alt. It changes only if you log to another character.


What happended if you let add your alt to your clan:

- your main name will changed automatic to alt name in Clan listing.

(That is good, you don't waste more clan spots, it's still one spot.)

- The spot will shared this way between characters.

- you gain automatic all leader rights (game know it already from your main - so it's basically locked at your account)

- This way, you can add more alts to your clan, the game will control the alts for you automatically. Easy and it's very beautiful.

You share the same spot inside the clan.


The Clan Alt Control will solve the room problems with many alts in the clan and you can focus on real players. No more room wasted for extra alts. This is exactly we all wanted.


For players it goes also same way with Clan Alt Control:

- Player add one of the characters to the clan (invited by leader)

- Now later if player want add the second character to the same clan: The game will recognize you if you press H key for clan window and will ask you:

"Will you add your character to the clan in the place of the registered character?"

[Yes] - (The character will take in the place of the registered character)

[No] - (Your character wil not register in the clan and stay alone. Here you can even go to other clan for example, or another Faction.)

(Actually one button "Join my clan" is also enough. Not clicking on button means also "no i don't want".)


The problem is if some characters are in one Faction and some are in second Faction. That is bit strange right (not tested it) and it might cause peek to other side.
But most players will choose one Faction side. Otherwise they cannot join the clan automatically.


The Clan Alt Control system has strong points:

- No wasting clan room because the many alts...

- Easy add to the same clan like earlier invited character. No need ask leader over and over again, join and kick over and over again. That is just more annoying.

- Leaders can use alts and keep the clan leadership.

- You can better help clan with spending mats and money.

- You can better help others with right/good class.

- Much relaxing with changing characters, you stay in the clan and you can play normally.

- Less work for leader, to invite and kick player characters again and again if they want change to alt.

- Clan has pure amount real players, more active! No "empty alt spots" because you cannot play 2 characters at same time!

I think it's not allowed with multi-client with same account. Bots use multi-client and as possible one account.... that is very wrong.

But Clan Alt Control is still legal system because there is always ONE player playing at one character.


Can NcSoft make the Clan Alt Control system possible for the game? It solves many alt problems because the clan room is very expensive, and clan will never big like 200 or 300 members room (compared to some mmos who will allow very much characters - alts are not much problem there)

As programmer this system should not very hard to make it possible. It has easy check points:

- Player must have at least one clan registered in the account at one of the characters

- If registered, game will ask you if you want join the registered clan.

- If game see 2 or more clans registered at your account, the game can show you a list of registered clans. You can choose which one you want join.

- Game will not ask your if none of the clan is at correct Faction side of your character. (might show error message or clans grayed out)

- Game will not ask you if you have not first choosen Faction side. (it can show warning)

- Game will only ask you if Faction matched with one of the registered clans. Same if you have just one clan registered.

- Game will not ask you if you are not in clan registered. This way, it goes at normal way and you need invite for a clan. (there is no warning, just not visible)

- After invite in the clan, you can easy let other character connect with the clan. Game will check it if you press key H for Clan window and will show your the question.

- If you don't want let another character join the clan, nothing happened.

- The clan management will also not show join question if there is no clan found in your account.

- When game found you're leader of the clan, you will receive automatic the leader rights for other characters if they're added to same clan.

- Same for if player has higher rank rights, the another characters will also get it.

- Leader will know it because he see linked characters and recognize the names. It will show a list so it's easier for leader which player it is.


What is more, the game has already Account connected characters check:

- You know the Character Search will show other characters below your found name? Did you see many names below it? The server knowns it already.

- The Friendslist works with your another characters. Other players still see you playing thanks to Friendslist. There is proof: the game knowns who you are and what characters are connected.

- The mailing system is also account bound.

You can see, game has already built-in check for account. That means the Clan Alt Control is very possible and not too hard to make it possible.


Because account is always same, there are no risks to abuse the system. Leader account is linked to clan leader position, so no one can steal it. The characters of leader are all same and will get all leader rights if leader let other own characters join his clan.

But if leader let one character stay outside, this character will stay separated. But the separated character can go to other clan or make second clan, or go to another Faction side.

To recover it, go back to correct Faction side, then request the Clan Alt Control system again and you're back in the clan. Perhaps with some delay to avoid clan-hopping.


Even my clan is full already but i cannot use my alts because i am leader. I cannot control my clan this way, and i very dislike it and hate a bit why 7 characters feels so "useless" because the clan room problems. That is why i strongly suggest this system to Ncsoft developers. I am sure KR and JP want it too.


What are your thoughts for this Clan Alt Control system?

Thank you very much.

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Having to answer whether I want my alt in a guild every time I log in would be so irritating.


GW2 has this friends-by-account system too, and their guilds work the same way - they count accounts, not characters, so alts don't take up space. Just have it ask you one time if you'd like the alt you log into to be considered part of the guild on your account. Having to answer that every time I swapped would be so annoying.

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Game will ask once if you want add your character to clan where other character is there already.

But i mean not in "forced" asking, but more when i press H key for clan management, there you can join other clans (when they have recruit massages running) or below there should a button visible with text "Join my clan".

Once clicked on button, and you confirmed it, then your character is in the clan. Easy.


Next time if you change to main, it just swapped automatic without asked again inside clan. That is nice feature of Alt Control system.

You need only confirm it once time for every newly made character. Then it goes just automatic for all characters who joined the clan.


I think many players needs it to make swapping through characters easier without wasting clan room space. Especially for Premium users.

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They did kind of shoot themselves in the foot with clan management.  I mean, the friends list already goes by account so they have the tech to do it right, but you can't use it for a clan because the clan has a stupid faction requirement which is character specific.  It really is not designed well and they should change it to support alts.

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I must agree that this system is horrible for players like me who are altoholic's.

Why do we have a system in place that counts characters instead of account towards the total cap that can join a clan?

A simple solution would be to change it to account instead of character.


Let's just hope something like this will be implemented in the future.

In the mean time i will hang around in our clan's alt guild, and let the rest of our clan members feel alone in our main clan.

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