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2 minutes ago, CherryCream said:

Seriously, translation team?



After all this time are you REALLY still expecting them to have put ANY semblance of effort into ANY of this?


The only thing the localization and translation team actually put effort into is the amount of memes they could insert into the game's text and how best to make the game politically correct while still being "racist" and "insensitive" towards Asians.


Names like Pei Nao, Man Toe, etc. 


Now, I'm not personally offended cause I don't really give a shit about stuff like that however it's very interesting to see how the same team that deemed some quest dialogue to be "inappropriate" thought it'd be perfectly okay to name NPC's Pei Nao (HURR HURR CAUSE ASIANS ARE CHEAP, LIKE MONEY, AND SPELL LIKE THIS AMIRITE) or Man Toe (KEK CAUSE MAN TOE IS CHINESE FOR STEAMED BUN).


I'm sure there's more, I just stopped reading & paying attention to this affront to legitimate translation and localization efforts.



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