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BM Honed Slash not working as intended


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Hi guys,


I've been doing some testing with the BM Skill "Honed Slash" over the past hour or so and it seems to me that it is not working as intended right now.

First off, the skill states that there should be additional damage when the enemy is under the effect of Blade Storm and there is a seperate value for additional damage when the enemy is stunned/dazed. Seperately, these two values are applied just fine, however, as a BM it is possible to apply BOTH Blade Storm and Stun/Daze to a single target. When this happens only one additional damage value is applied. Now you might argue that them not stacking is working as intended, though I dont think there's any way of knowing that. However, there is another issue associated with this and I'm pretty sure this is NOT how it was intended. There is quite the substantial difference in additional damage applied depending on whether it's Blade Storm or Stun/Daze. That said, one would think that even if stacking is supposed to not happen, then at least one would always get the higher additional damage applied if the requirements for both are fulfilled at the same time. However, it seems like Stun/Daze ALWAYS overrides Bladestorm's additional damage, even though the additional damage from Blade Storm is significantly higher. And yes, by that I mean it doesn't even matter in which order you apply Blade Storm and Stun/Daze. Even if you apply a Stun first and then Blade Storm, the lower additional damage from Stun/Daze will always override that of Blade Storm.


It would be good, if somebody else could do some testing and verify my findings?

If I am right then the following needs to be adressed:


1. Whether or not stacking was intended and is simply not working.

2. If that is not the case, then fix the skill to at least always apply the highest additional damage it can, if both could be applied by the game.


Anyhow, hope this is adressed swiftly, thanks!

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