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Is this joke? V2


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Queue for Harbor and queue us up with a member with 20k HP, no hongmoon items, no nothing.

1 you are not able to kick him

2 remove him 

3 you have no filter to do dungeons

4 not def-cap, dmg-cap

This game needs a lot of a changes man about dungeons, this is so poor and lame..  

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Another reason as to why we need a vote to kick option i have seen players with really crappy gear in the harbor dungeon.

Just the other day i had a summoner with the  Dokumo Staff ( as you need it to get in ) a random green low level soul shield.

And no accessories what so ever he spent most to the dungeon dead and did not say a word in the whole dungeon.


Im not sure if these are some sort of gold farmers of some sort maybe power levelers? im not sure as i don't think there is a whole lot of xp nor gold to be gained from dungeons other then like bright stone ruins and you get the recipe drop.

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