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BIG Problems with Faction PVP and Toxic Player Base


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So, there is this huge problem on Mushin, and its pretty irrational. It should be really easy to fix I think but it seems like @NCsoft is not doing shit about it. And in the end theres going to be this huge Faction imbalance.


Things that need to be fixed NOW. (THIS IS ABOUT MUSHIN MOSTLY)


- Players getting killed on spawn points because of toxic players. If youre in Mistywoods, any class with a pulling ability can take you off the Crimson Treehouse spawn point. And people dont even get a chance to defend themselves(OFTEN BECAUSE THEYRE IN A LOADING SCREEN), and the Archer Sentinels dont killl them.


- There is so many Cerulean on that server, that they populate EVERY Misty channel. Making it impossible to turn in the dailies. Recently there has been a chance where there is only 10 channels. And having that little channels on a faction imbalanced game is terrible. It makes Crimson have a hard time keeping up with gear, farming, and all that. NO CRIMSON ON OUR SERVER HAS DONE BLACKWYRM YET! Why? because whenever crimson tries to organize something, Ceru come around and wipe us. 


- Do you think its balanced seeing Cerulean farm every channel? But no Crimson is farming shit?


- Certain areas, like Wispwater Spring, where you get your 2nd faction daily. Ceru and Crimson Spawn in the same spot. And doing that on an American Server is awful. Because expecting an American to stop camping you and sit there for a full blown 10 minutes+ having someone kill you repetitively. Its frustrating. And in the end the game is going to lose money and people are going to hate it. 


- With the massive imbalance in faction, dedicated crimson players will disappear and wpvp will be uncommon.


- People changing to Cerulean is not a good mechanic. You have a 90day cooldown on clan names? But no cool down on changing faction? WTF?


- People join Ceru not to WPVP but to actually get shit done.


- With AMERICAN DOMINATION MENTALITY, that is in the gaming industry. Its hard to actually enjoy combat, the actual thrill of the battle.


- No one to very little want to WPVP on crimson side, and because Ceru has develope horde/zerg tactics, and their population. It pointless playing.


Apparently all servers have a faction balance disparity. And its a SIGN OF A PROBLEM WITH GAMEPLAY. Of coarse no one on the strong side thinks there is a problem - BECUASE THEYRE BENEFITING OFF IT -.




- Make people immune until they move when a person is spawning or respawning in.

- Make the tree houses higher in Mistywood. Theyre suppose to be safe. ANd you know because the intention there is told by the mass amount of archers that are suppose to insta kill you if you get near as the opposite faction.



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Agreed. A real solution to faction balance is needed. One possibiloty is to make misty woods an instanced 24-man balanced pvp area. There would be 12 from each faction (or 24) regardless of server faction pop. Another solution would be to close dominant faction membership until the misry woods pvp activity balances out.







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