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Unable to completely uninstall NCLauncher


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A few days ago, my Blade and Soul stopped working.  I would turn it on, NCLauncher would turn on, but Blade and Soul would never come up.  I decided to completely uninstall the game, but when I uninstalled the launcher, it left C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher\temp behind.  This folder contains copies of files which seem to also be copies of some of the files in the NCLauncher folder... Message.pak, NCLauncher, NCUpdater.dll, and Skin.pak.


I can't reinstall the game to get a clean installation while these files are here.  How do I remove them?  Trying to shred them with my antivirus software produced "access is denied", trying to manually delete them says they're in use by a program that's running, tracking down the ghost copy of NCLauncher that's running in the background to kill it tells me access is denied, and restarting the computer and trying to delete them again tells me it's still running.

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