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Evolution path resources, all of them incomplete?


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I had the chance to check out some info on Blade and Soul before starting to play it when it went live (NA) and found advice that suggested keeping the Hongmoon weapon as it would become the best weapon end game.

That's all fine and dandy, but


What about the evolution paths for the rest of the weapons. I see that they each have the ability to grow in stages, but don't they each have their own evolution path too? I can't recall what I had typed in a previous search, but I did find an assortment of progression paths for the other weapons in Chinese. From a lack of experience and understanding, I suspected that each weapon's evolution would lead them to different benefits and features, and each could compliment a class in different ways.

How wrong was I?

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The Hongmoon weapon is the only one that is upgradeable without limit. Or rather, it's limited only by the content available. Everything else caps at Stage 5 or 10 with no breakthrough available, afaik.


There will supposedly be legendary weapons that'll outpace the Hongmoon weapon eventually I heard?

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