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Killing Junghado for FM


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2 hours ago, DBug said:

So this DOES work. I was never able to actually finish the job.


Maybe now that Frost Soul is implemented, this strategy will be more viable.


frost soul is easier than this i know, but if people can do well then now, burning soul will be faster and stronger than frost one.

In dungeon, burning one is better than frost. this will be helpful training.

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Build: https://bnstree.com/FM?build=4501000256322653325021380311063425123235332661124132263112494223932237322432141012

Weapon: Awakened Siren Stage 10
Soul Shield: Moonwater Arena Soul Shield infused with Crit. 
Total Attack Power: 374
Total Crit Rate: 1780
Total Crit Damage: 660


My frost build kill on Thursday morning, killed it within an hour of patch day but didn't record that one due to listening to the devs on the livestream saying it was going to be impossibly hard. So didn't want any Frame rate drops on it. In case you were looking for a frost set up for it. 

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On 13/02/2016 at 7:20 PM, arisutachibana said:



i made this video without attack diamond for weaker poeple


keep far from jung hado with Using vs8JtRR.png Stage 1 tier 4 and eaElyIy.png Stage 1 or 2 tier 2


normally Attack cycle is 6HrhwEE.png vs8JtRR.png x3 eaElyIy.png


and keeping burn is helpful to damege


skill build : http://imgur.com/a/LUWc3

Can you use bnstree and link it to here your skill build ?

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no worth to add video of junghado, its easy if u really know ur character and have at last fine ping, yesterday done hardly with 250-300ping cause y i have internet porblems in 3min 30sec+, and when it work fine its too easy 2min-2 30 max xD, and if u ask its with kfm :), and at assasin its easy doable with just infernal weapon and accesories done cause collecting gold for my kfm not for assasin xD, i wish they will add something to not show ur stats and equipment to options, cause ppls who not show off at any videos is always best and have their own skill builds only gl all hf in game and dont rage at pvp ofc when u lose and in pve same its very much ping dependant game so no one can know who is best simple just have fun

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There are many viable builds that can kill him.  The name of the game is learning his attack patterns and they're not that complicated.  He's going to get off charges, you can't help that so you better have a way to get away from him.  What I do is use Q/E when he charges and keep him frozen so he can't immediately hit you.  You CAN NOT let him be in melee range for any reason, quickest way to lose health.  Save a skilled SS for his CC's.  Dodge the ice circles and lightning swords and when he starts to resist your attacks you better have your ice V available because a big hit is incoming.  I have personally found a hybrid-damage build with fire for dps and as much chill/frozen/healing as possible works best for me but its not the only way to do it.

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