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boosting 3v3. Questions


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So me and a couple of mates ran alot of 3v3. and funny enough we kept encoutnering the same guy from Slackers Inc within top 20 rank. everytime with ´new friends´ Cause we did ask in region chat afterward. since everytime he mates was honestly beyond crap.   and littatly being carried by this one guy. 

So my question is it allowed to ´boost´ people for his gain in that manner. seems he keep stopping with peeps around 1700-1800ish,  so his rating keep going up since he just prey on izi targets ( i know he will lose alot of points if he lose) 

I´dont say we are goldlike, our des is 1750ish, i´m 1550ish and fm 1700ish 1v1s. but ye this guy was good i admit but really sad to see these match up.  but didn´t want to call it out if its fully allowed.

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