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Characters Not Showing Up at Dungeon Lobby


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Since the last update on 02/10/2016, I've encountered a bug where every time I enter dungeon lobby and matched up with some players, their characters won't show up on my screen and mine doesn't show up at theirs (I know this because my friends reported so). It's bugging me a bit, and along with that bug, I'm unable to chat in the party when I've entered the dungeon. No matter what characters I've entered to the party, they won't show up, and their chats don't appear on my screen as well.

Is there anyone with the same bug as mine?

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I just recently started encountering this problem.  I'm not even sure when it started for me because I don't F8 all that often


Edit:  Went in dungeon lobby again with my friend and he invited someone else to join, they showed up but he still did not. 

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