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[Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

HF Nevo

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Before I begin, if I somehow come across as offensive or aggressive in the way I type, I apologize. This is not my intention, I simply wish to inform. And if, for some reason it is relevant, I killed Junghado on the day he came out as a KFM with: True Profane lv10 wep (no AP gem whatsoever), Awakened Infernal lv10 accessories, and a non-optimized Blackram Supply Chain purple ver. soul shield set, fused with the crappy green Elite Critical shields.


Now prepare yourselves for the wall of text that is coming.


If you feel like his attack pattern is RNG and/or unpredictable, then that's usually your own fault. I see way too many people being obsessed with, or stuck on the thought that CC is what you need in this fight when actually, if used wrong, CCing him can make things harder for you. This is simply because of the way his AI and his abilities work. People seem to think that they're smart and cancelling his abilities/combos with CC, but no, you're merely delaying them. He only has a slight few abilities that can actually be cancelled and prevented, and one of them is his regular multislash. If you CC him while he's doing this, the attack will count as if it has been done and his rotation moves on. Same goes for his ranged attack where he shoots out a Flock of Blades to create a lightning field on the ground (CC him while he's casting it, and it will be cancelled). Pretty much the rest of his attacks are instant cast, meaning if you CC before or after, he will simply use it once he breaks free of the CC. Same goes for his combos. Take for example his counter combo, which goes like so: Starts out with draw stance, doing Flicker 3 times, then standing still pulling his hand up to his face, and if hit during this state he will "counter", go invis and strafe left, reappearing to your right. After the counter (whether you triggered it or not) he will use Shoulder Charge followed by Flash Step. If you CC him after the 3 flickers before his counter, or run away while he's countering, you're not being smart. You're creating unnecessary problems for yourself, because you didn't just prevent his shoulder charge/flash step combo, you just delayed it. Which means as soon as he comes in range he will shoulder charge you, which you're most likely gonna fail at predicting because sometimes he likes to stand still half a sec before using it. His combos can be delayed mid-way by either him using one of his special abilities, or you CCing him. Be mindful that once whatever delayed him is done, he will continue where he left off.


TL;DR he has very set and predictable combos and attack patterns, so once you learn those he's easy prey. Heck, he even publicly announces when he's about to do a special attack, as if he was taken straight out of Naruto/One Piece or something, so it should be obvious when you need to slow down on dps to prepare your dodging/blocking buttons.


On 2/15/2016 at 11:22 AM, Shiro said:

I did some mistakes but definitely not the ones you mentioned. KD 2nd boss? That's a waste of dps, not like that napalm did anything.

Most efficient tower run is one that is fast not just that you survive, since I have absolutely no trouble surviving first floors I don't see why I should sacrifice DPS to play safely.


Literally every KFM I see is obsessed with Tiger Strike and Searing Blow, just because they can't even pull off 3 LB F. Even one in faction said "3rf is shit", and then bragging how they killed Hado with 40 sec left. Erm hello, Enrage is 5 min, and I killed Junghado in 2:25 as you can see in the video, 40 sec left is far from fast....

And all videos I see, KFMs use Tiger Strike, but they don't come close to my killing time of Hado. I am curious about your kill speed too, if you are considerably faster than me

with similar gear then I will accept that the Tiger Strike build is "better" and I had a "mistake" going this one.

To be honest, the only noteworthy "mistake" you did the entire video was just the way you handled Junghado's counter combo imo. If you had hit him while he was countering (thus triggering the counter-strafe into shoulder charge immediately) you could have just turned to your right, countered shoulder charge and resisted flash step (from counter t4s4), thus giving a brief moment of free dps as he's recovering from his flash step animation, rather than time wasted by you getting up from the daze. That would've resulted in you killing him a very slight few seconds faster, maybe.


And to those wondering why Shiro ate many abilities / much damage where dodging/countering would've been easy, the simple answer is that this is what a speedrun looks like. The art of being effective is knowing which abilities must be avoided, as well as which abilities can be ignored for maximizing dps and minimizing the time it takes to clear. It doesn't matter if I beat the boss with 10% hp remaining and you beat it with 100% hp remaining if I killed it much faster than you as effectiveness is about time, not damage taken. (Last sentence being a generalized example).

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16 hours ago, AeroYuki said:

My difficulty facing Junghado as a Force Master is our lack of counter/block/stealth skills to get out of his most devastating attacks. Freezing him in place is great... until he becomes immune or it otherwise doesn't work. To this date I've not yet beaten him, but I still have my hopes.


No matter which class you play, there is a learning curve involved for the mechanics of a boss fight. When I first faced the Diva on floor 2, I was surprised I died so easily - I learned to stay closer to the boss (counter-intuitive for a ranged class) and move almost constantly. When I died to the Augerite on floor 5, I practiced a bit more to improve my DPS output - now I get it with no trouble. Besides Junghado, floor 3 has been giving me the most trouble - too many enemies at once (unless I've yet to find a different mechanic for that fight).


Frankly, it should be hard - afterall, he is the greatest swordsman in the realm, and it just makes the satisfaction of defeating him that much sweeter. At the same time, it's definitely not easy. To all those claiming the fight to be so easy, it would be helpful if you didn't just say "it's easy and you should just learn your class." Instead, I might recommend saying "When I play a [class name], I find it easy when I do the following things: [insert strategy]."


And remember, this is a solo boss fight. For that reason alone, it wont have the same inherent difficulty as coordinating 10 to 25 people to learn and properly execute multiple fight mechanics and character builds at the same time, where if one or two people fail, they will likely cause the whole group to fail. That, my friends, is what made Leeroy Jenkins infamous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLyOj_QD4a4

I am a FM myself, and I can't help but panic when I face him... I tried turning off music, that helped a little. Once he goes into phrase 2 and below HP 50%, bam bam, I crawl  away to safety annnnnndddddd repeat.


I am giving it a try everyday until my weapon breaks, when I do my dailies. I didn't realize sometimes CC him would result his repeat of certain attacks, I did notice sometimes it can be random when he uses them. I think I'll feel really good about myself once I beat him. :)


As I keep telling myself, I am playing this game for fun, not rage. The main thing is that I've seen other FM do it, so really its really me that needs work. :p

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Does anyone else sometimes leaves combat in midcombat?

Happens to me sometimes. I switch to drawstance (full Focus), but before i attack i leave combat, therefore i leave drawstance and then iam back in combat.

Would really like to know if this is a bug, or only my problem.

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8th floor is not that easy though it's real DPS check especially 3rd clone, I pretty sure there will be more whine thread about 8th floor than 7th floor has right now.


About floor 15th Im pretty sure ppl will whine more than 7th+8th thread about how easy clear with sum :P



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Please correct me if i'm wrong... Is Junghado been upgraded or i'm just fighting him with infinite ultimate at the end... 


I used to win him now i can barely pass him.


Each time i reach 20% of his life and i'm full life... He goes into a infinite ultimate and permanent immune... So basically i can't hit him... I have block his dash slash attack after his aoe ultimate... then he goes into ultimate repeatedly... then i tried ok fine let him hit me once see if he change his skills... he doesn't at all... He just keep going into the same process... So i tried going further from him... as some video i see... but he does the same thing repeatedly... 


So i'm confused here is it bugged or there is a way to get him out of the repeating ultimate he is using...

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1. why reply to a 6 months old thread that's completely outdated?

2. if he get's immune to all of your attacks, he probably went enrage. Haven't done him with low-ish AP in ages, but even with 350 AP he never really posed a big threat once you figured out how to beat him. So in short, to answer your question, I don't see any reason why they would've buffed him 6 months after release (and I did do him ~3 weeks ago). :s

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