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Needs help: beating Floor 7 as blade master


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Hello fellow BMs, 

I am having difficulties killing junghado, tried at least 15 times. My problem is this: not enough damage, so junhado got enraged around 30-35%. Any BM with experience on this would share his/her view on how to sneak in extra damage to get hrough the last 30-35%. Your insights would be most helpful. 




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Same here, it's ridiculous, so freaking unfair, no matter how hard i tried BM just can't deal enough damage, BM is more of a defensive class now we're expected to do DPS?? >.< just bs!!! My best is bring him down to 20% and I have awaken siren sword!! :(

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I am getting him to 11% on my good runs (it is always 11%, what are the chances?...).

My best one was something single digit, like 8%.


This is after I upgraded to Siren (currently lvl 7), put a +25 Attack diamond on my blade and I eat a pepper meat (which is 1G) for the fight...


I can still see some room for improvements for me, mainly in not getting hit by his ice-counter, so I am hopeful to beat him soon.


Main problem I see is, that there is no room for me to level up in the near future. The next few Sword upgrades seem to only give marginal improvements. I can not level up any more. Hongmoon skill.... I don't even know if I can get it at this time? Is it bugged? There is mixed information about this.

So the situation will not change anytime soon.


But it is a bit stupid the length BM has to go through for this fight. If you look at any other class clearing him on YT, it looks like an easy enough fight...



More on the details, I modified my usual pve skillset for this fight:

- Kick, shoulder tackle and blade throw specced to pierce defense and cc. All of these so I have something to throw into his parry/counter stances and not lose dps just standing there waiting for him to drop it.

- General heavy on the cc side. The moves he has make it so it is only safe to attack him when cc-ed I feel. Also one of my main damage sources is blade call, and the resulting focus recovery allwoing a lot of LMB/RMB ani cancel while its up. Need to make sure he stays in the circle during that time with cc.

- Block specced to stun on parry. With a bit of training you get to know the moves timing and almost every block is a parry, giving more cc to get some extra damage in.



Main issues for me are some of his moves which enforce me to stop attacking for some time, like his ice aoe attack, counter moves (he teleports behind you, if you attack you get slashed), and the red circle build up.

These waste a lot of time making the run's outcome depending on what he does, rather than how i play it.

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It took me way more then 15 trys to get him down and each time i just had about >5sec left on the clock. But hey, i'm not e very good BM. so some things you should use to have a better chance.


1st: Never ever aircombo! The cost you a hell lot of time that doesn't make up for it's mediocre damage. Use Honed Slash/Flicker Anicancel for main DPS.


2nd: If Junhado is knocked down he always try to get up with the "1" ability, so he get knocked down once more if he takes damage - so knock him down and imidietly switch to drawstance and use your free seconds to melt him. ideal is it if you knock him down after you blocked and did hit him with a skilled Cyclone (so you have focus for the upfollowing burstphase)


3rd: Your Bladecall is mandatory but Junghado doesn't like it to stand still. So only use it if you have enough CD's up to keep him in Place until it's over.


4th: When he counters one of you attacks, turn to him and imitiatly block the following 2 Attacks (1st stun, 2nd is a flash step) - After this he will charge slo, red a frontal slash. Just step aside and hurt him while he "cc" him self with this useless attack. Dont waste your CC on this.


5th: Consumables - Peppered Gnarlhorn gives you more scrit - use it.


6th: Don't make a failure! Sounds stupid in know - but the damagegoal is to tight that a singles missed Bladecall might be the difference of killing him or running into enrage.


I use this skills to kill him - i don't say it's the best, i simply didn't found any better till now.


BNS Blademaster Junghado spec

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I think I posted advice on this on the blademaster forums, but I'll add some addition advice here from more experience. 




Like CycLee said, when he is knocked down, he will attempt to get back up, but you can cancel this by hitting him again (recommend to have full focus, boot, blindside to draw stance, then keep attacking him).  If you are going to use blade call, try to knock him up (shoulder tackle -> F -> heavenly dance -> blade call (+soaring falcon if ping allows, it will actually ani cancel ascend) -> ascend -> whirling scourge + lighting rod -> boot/anklebiter -> blindside -> ani cancel lmb+rmb) blade call will give you focus regen, making ani-cancel lmb+rmb deal ALOT of damage.  

When he uses counter, pay attention to him, he will tip his hat signifying hes going to shoulder tackle -> flash step -> red frontal line, what I do is (block first stun, stay block second stun, cyclone, wait for red frontal -> blindside and ani-cancel draw stance).  I would also like to add, if he stuns you with shoulder tackle, then proceeds to use his charged attack (when he is about to do dragontongue (the 4 hit skill)), he WILL follow up with flash step daze to red frontal line.  I usually save my rush(stun) for when hes going to use lightning rod, which is after his ice floor skill.  If he uses five-point slash, you only need to block his last hit to prevent being knocked up. 

Additional stuff:

Do not chase him, let him come to you, unless he is using lightning rod, you better use a gap closer to get him. 
Your time to full out dps is when he is doing his red frontal line and casting his ice floor.

Use potions, it's a 5 minute fight, you can pop 4 potions during that time. 

Do not knock him up if you don't have heavenly dance up or not using blade call, this is a dps loss. 

Keep trying to keep refining your strategies, you will beat him in no time. 

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I'll post a video for you guys in a  sec he's actually pretty easy and majority of his moves are easy to read.  If you're comfortable like me you can engage him fiercely and and just full on dps while knowing when to counter and when to blindside.


While SnowyPanda did give a good amount of tips and covered most of everything I will give one as well. When eh gets ready to do his redline move where he sticks his sword int the ground you have 3 choices but 2 of them are safe you can either...


1: Move out the way.

2: Blindside it.

3: This one is only if you know it's coming but you can actually stop his red line move by using boot which will stun him and give you free hits you have exactly 2 seconds to use it or you will take a heavy HP hit.


My fastest time downing him is 39 seconds first try on my Blade Master and we pretty much have to keep our cc's up so all our moves can flow into each other so we have to be really careful of our cool downs. Also while ani cancelling is Draw Stance is a good damage boost never neglect Peirce anytime you can use it spam it.

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I think the main problem why you are low on DMG is that you are playing too defensively. Try to be more offensive, you will probably die few times because taking too much dmg, but you need to learn when you need to block/avoid and when you can dps.

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