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Need some help with preparing for Mushins tower!


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Hey all, 


I have been working on preparing for Mushins tower, tested it a few times just to see how far I can go. The thing that is hurting me right now is probably my damage. But with what little money I had this was the best I can do with gear:

Awakened Siren +5

      Gems: 80 life drain, 160 damage, 280 defense, 70 damage when stunned or knocked down

Awakened Infernal Necklace +10

Awakened Infernal Earrings +10

Awakened Infernal Ring +10

Moonwater Hero Belt

Siren Bracelet


Soul Shield sets I have:


BR Supply 

Moonwater Pvp


So the crits I have been doing range from 2k-5k yes a wide spread there. But the struggle for me is on the 4th floor which is the highest I have been able to get too so far. I seem to be fine until the adds come then the lack of damage for the flash step crits too is what is killing me. So my question is whats the best way to increase my damage? Thanks in advance!

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You have more than enough damage to make it. Save your T3S1 lunar slash, stage 1 flash step, and blade call for the adds. Using flicker to drop them if they're still alive. If you don't want to deal with them at all, use anklebiter and T2S1 boot to knock him down when he throws his arms up.

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