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Master Looter


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Hello all,


It must be a bug because it's nonsense right now. Changing loot option while you are in a party with random guys/girls in a cross-server dungeon, or even in combat.

Please remove MASTER LOOT option. No need when we (as leader) cant set who get what, we only can set who get everything from that "loot bag", nonsense.

Second thing the "ninja leaders" in cross-server dungeon. Setting loot at the very end of the boss fight, so the leader got everything.

(As i googled i only see negative voices about this in the forum.)


Please solve it:

-remove the master loot function

-loot only changable if all the party member agree (like in other mmo-s)

-(i think we can live with combat loot change if the above things will active)


Best wishes,

(a random player)

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