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Server Authentication Failure

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me too i have, the same problem. i love this game mas this bugs they are making me angry !!!

Avenger is there any time frame on the problem? I hate sitting in front of my PC all pumped up to play BnS and all I get is authentication failure...................

Please stop bringing the "IP" issue. If there are more than 5 topics and 35 pages of people with this issue, and there weren't yesterday, it's not about a specific IP issue.

It is a server problem, We can guess it will be solved.


Would be great to get some announcement though.

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lol now is a server problem ... since they took 10h for maintenance in the afternoon when ppl are home from work and can play the game , all we get after that 10h is bugs ... the legendary skills dont works , lag drops / spikes . and now to bee a complet menu we get server fail ... at leat now is the login .... well hell why not ... is all cool al is ok ... lets play bns bns but u cant do nothing new ..because all new things dont works 



p.s on the topic same error 200 autentication failure .... login maybee is down again like 1 week ago


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40 minutes ago, NooZ said:


Got my authentication error but its not server, its account authentication failure

And im sure that i have typed the pin code correct few times now

I've got the same error, worked fine for me a couple of hours ago, I knew this eating malarkey was a bad idea.  The pin code I'm entering is correct.  I have attempted 3 times to login to no avail.

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I get the same problem and so is my friend. But my boyfriend is able to play, but he was logged in before the issue happened. I hope this is just the server problem and not hacks. Very unfair for EU players since people spend money on this game but all we get are full of bugs and hours of maintainence within 1 month.... Amazing that they said 'bug fixed' but they are just temporary fixed...

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