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Regarding tonight's EU connection problems (can't log in, error 42 etc.)

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When I couldn't log in to B&S (error 42) a few hours ago, I decided to try playing FFXIV instead. Turns out, the FFXIV EU data center is also experiencing connection troubles. Players already logged into the server are fine, however trying to connect to the EU data center results in an error code and boots you out of the game.

Square Enix published a news article on the FFXIV launcher stating that this was an issue with "Tier 1 Internet Service Providers" in Europe. It then occurred to me that this could very well be what's preventing us from logging into B&S as well, and it could be out of NCSoft's control (and Square Enix').

So, assuming the two issues are linked and it is indeed due to our ISPs, a VPN should theoretically be a valid temp-fix until whoever is supposed to figure out what's wrong... well, figures it out. Unfortunately I don't have the means to attempt logging in via VPN right now, so I couldn't try it out for myself. If you decide to try that and it works for you though, let me know.


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1 minute ago, Bladez said:

Could be but many U.S. players are experiencing this issue.


Ah, I was under the impression it was EU-Only.

Theory = Shattered

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