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Valentines Event Question


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Hello everyone,

I just read the valentines event on here: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/valentines-day-event-feb-1024/

I had a question tho, under the title "Transmutation of Love" it show the items you can get from transmuting. But the chest in the picture is different from the one I see ingame?

In game it's called "Festival of Hearts gift" and on the website it's called "Love Festival Gift". The items are also different. Was this a mistake or can I find the Love Festival gift somewhere else?


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Sorry to double post, but wanted to point out that I just refreshed the Event announcement page and they changed the Gift box image from the one we were asking about to the one we actually have in game. Guess we're not getting those after all.




A bit of the ways down is the Showgirl outfit, apparently going into the store in two days so I believe the older image of the Gift box was decided against.

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