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KFM Q/E Delay


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How come there is a delay of like 500ms+ on the Q and E skill. I often can't dodge things because of this.

I sometimes even press it and nothing at all happens, like it needs 1-2 more key inputs to finally use this skill. wtf.
Is it intentional to "balance" something? Or is there something wrong on my end?

I can assure you there is nothing wrong with my keyboard, nor with me not being able to tell the difference if a key is actually pressed or not.

I don't have a high ping and stable 60 fps most of the time when not fighting bosses.


Had the same issue on the russian PlayBNS server.

So what is this?! Can anybody enlighten me, what purpose has this delay?


on another note: Why can't we create topics under: classes > kung fu master > ??

Maybe i am doing something wrong but i cannot create a thread there for what ever reason.


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hmm, no i never do any skills when im trying to use those.

edit: and am not in a skill animation phase.

but i will take a closer look on that and see if thats actually true.

im almost certain tho.


maybe i am exaggerating with the 500ms+. but the delay is certainly above 250ms or 1/4 of a second.

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strange :/ im almost certain i wait till any skill animations are completed.

and when you press Q for instance, how long does it take for you until the dodge is actually executed? in guessed milliseconds? =)

on my BM, i know its another kind of dodge skill, it works everytime. and not with this kind of delay.

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Its still the animation. Thats the weird thing at KFM Q/E...

While you sidedash and visualy done with the animation, you are still on it.

The stand still is like 100ms animation, thats why u cant instanly sidedash the other way.

Its weird but thats it. Try to use these skill wisely and dont spam like that.

There is no way you need them both, there should be always some other moves you do first.


Just use your iFrames and dodges wisely and you will never have problems like that.

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Ah, comparing it with my Blademaster's Q/E, I can tell you that those feel faster indeed. But I don't know, I don't feel like KFM's dodges are that slow either. But you have a longer iframe as a KFM if you put points into your Q/E (which is absolutely mandatory for both PvP and PvE), so you can dodge a little bit in advance and still resist the damage even if the animation has ended.

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