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Bloodshark Harbor, Endless Tower, and (Bonus) Mushin Soul Shield Sets(Korean)

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Here are the stats for the BSH, Endless Tower, and Mushin (Probably not getting, but you can plan ahead) soul shields pulled from the korean wiki.


Endless Tower



Using google translate works well enough to know what is what.

생명력 = Health

Fatal, catastrophic (the korean is 치명) = Critical

hit (korean is 명중) = accuracy


Everything else should be fairly guessable


If you want to make sure these stats are correct you can cross check your own soul shield with the Poh and other sets



Couldn't find moonwater pvp, but level 37-45 soulshields are all over here


Click the specific piece to see the sub stats. New page will display all possible rolls for sub stat and main stat.

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From what I hear, the Endless Tower Soulshield is not the same as the one in korea (we got the chinese version). Is there a chinese version of the Mushin F8 soulshield? If so, does anybody know exactly what stats it has? Trying to figure out what pieces I should be going for after the March 2nd patch.

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