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Patch Notes for BD


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So according to the patch notes


Blade Dancer

  • Hongmoon Skill
    • Blade Dancers now have access to Lightning Draw (C) Tier 5.
  • Divebomb (F)
    • Divebomb (Tier 2 and Tier 3) casting speed increased.
    • Divebomb (Tier 2 Stage 2) damage increased and now has a cooldown of 9 seconds.  It also knocks down enemies around the target and casts at maximum speed after using Sunder (RB).
  • Take Flight (F)
    • Added Take Flight (Stage 2) which inflicts additional damage.
    • Moved Take Flight (Tier 1 Stage 1) to Tier 2 Stage 1 and reduced the cost to 0 Focus.
  • Vortex (Tab)
    • Vortex (Tier 3 Stage 3) now recovers 4 Focus upon breaking Snared status, down from 6.
  • Multislash (2)
    • Multislash (Stage 2) now recovers 1 Focus per hit.
    • Multislash (Stage 2) now deals additional Wind Damage and decreases the cooldown of Whirling Scourge (V) per hit if you have learned Wind Focus.
    • Multislash (Tier 3 Stage 2) casting speed increased.
  • Anklebiter (3)
    • Anklebiter (Tier 3 Stage 1) ranged increased to 5m from 3m.


I'm thinking multislash and a wind build might actually be possible now for arena.

Theorycrafters unite!


So I'm thinking we drop our immunity for Whirling Scourge which we can essentially spam twice if we connect Multislash for infinite focus.

But where are we going to spend all our focus besides spec'ing Vortex on the right hand side.

Also with Multislash we are losing one of our stuns.


So we lose immunity for 5 secs with 10% hp gain for a large amount of focus.

And we lose 1 stun to reset the cd of the focus generator to make it worth the loss i guess.


But what we gain is Vortex spam with more stun attempts.

I'm not so sure its worth it besides vs a FM, anybody else have thoughts about this?

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