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CPU Freezes on BW and Ogres


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This is my CPU, MSI  (microstar) gt70 2pc dominator laptop.

  • CPU
    The 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
  • OS
    Windows 8.1
  • Chipset
    Intel HM87
  • Memory
    DDR3L 1600 MHz 8GB
  • Display
    17.3" Full HD (1920x1080), Anti-glare
  • Graphics
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX870M
  • Graphics VRAM
    GDDR5 6GB/3GB
  • Storage
    SATA 3 - 6Gb/s


When i fight Blackwyrm or ogres I turn all my settings down to min. I can usually get 2 or 3 kills in before it starts to freeze my computer(some times 6-8 kills, some times it will happen on the first kill). Some time it only freezes for a second or two, some times longer. It has froze for up to 5 minutes and when the ogre or BW dies it will start back up.


When it freezes if I keep hitting buttons my screen turns very white and I get the option to close the program or wait for the program to restart.


Also, and im not sure if this is related, if I play the game for many many hours straight, the market place with eventually show as temporarily unavailable.


I followed this guide and it seemed to help at first, but I still get the freezes. 




I was thinking about buying the Samsung pro ssd hd and 32gb or ram to try an help the problem. I was also thinking about getting a new cpu and getting top of the line hardware. 



I am wondering if anyone has any advice on what could help me with my problem.


I'm not the most computer savvy person and I apologize if this post isn't done in the best format, I copied and pasted my specs and the vid.

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I have the very same laptop (just in 15' version) and I noticed that it's not a hardware issue. When it lags in combat you just see that the system isn't doing anything. It isn't swapping on disc or loading anything new. CPU is around 30-50% on all cores (and I have other programs running on other screens) and RAM isn't fully loaded. Just the game itself won't use more than 2.2GB of RAM which is basically the common issue with badly made games ever since first Supreme Commander... so the main bottleneck is engine of the game itself not really your hardware. Maybe you will notice slightly less lags with more RAM, but I seriously doubt that.

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3 hours ago, Tanimo said:

have similar issues where my client simply just die for a minute for no reason what so ever can happen at any given moment running on a nice steady 120fps

didnt have any client freezing issue with the beta client what so ever

You get 120 fps while at a 50+ person raid boss with everyone spamming their attacks Tanimo?
Would love to see your specs but I have my doubts.

Adding more ram:
This will not do much difference outside of adding 1-2 fps in the consideration that its high speed low latency ram preloaded with custom settings. The game only needs X amount so anything more is in excess unless the plan is to use a Quad channel setup of ram to distribute the load of work. Not a good idea in terms of improving FPS at blackwyrm.

Adding an SSD:
This is a great idea... if you wanted to destroy the loading times at gates while the game prefetches all the voxels and etc. for the gpu to render asap.
Best compliment to a steady strong gpu.
But the gpu is not the reason why your FPS is low.

Single threaded mmo:
Its a hungry little bugger that wants more power now.
The solution is to throw a strong solid cpu core with more Ghz at it so it can perform without freezing from all the different skills/characters.
The opposite end of the tunnel is to reduce the load of what it has to run.

Drop down the settings, Tick optimize for combat, "Ctrl+F" to remove the other players and their animations.
Get rid of your excess processes and activities, for the non computer savvy they have some razer application that does this for you.
Set the running game as high priority in task manager.
Disable windows aero to reduce load on ram



this is your laptop

  • Intel Core i7-4800MQ (2.7 GHz, 6 MB Cache) and thats your cpu

And its low frequency might be what kills you around Blackwyrm

I wonder how an overclocked g3258 and gtx 750ti would do at Blackwyrm. Probably a steady 30fps with 50 people


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