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Does anyone know what soul shields these are ?


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1 minute ago, Elvenmad said:





There is another set coming tomorrow from Mushin tower,floors 4 to 7, and in a later patch another from Floor 8, also in another patch Spiral labyrinth will drop another set which was the last set in the complete 45 patch in other versions, 

That site doesn't contain these souls-shields as they are from KR version, so I need to know what they are

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 well one of the ones you show is from mushin tower i think, problem is we have no idea what stats we will have on them, in a recent stream by NCwest they state the Mushin tower set will be heavy in HP and Blackram set will remain the 'best' PVE, while players of other versions know mushin had the best sets. so either NC are wrong or we not getting the 'normal' mushin sets




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1 minute ago, Elynya said:

Left set is a new legendary SS set very far far far far away from NA patch.

Right set is a Hell island (aka Guild PVP island) SS only guild can enter that area and every guild become enemy in that area.

Hell island SS




Hopefully NCSoft won't take 5 years to bring us KR content. I just hope..


Also thank you!

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