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System error, Please try again (3746)


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Everything was fine yesterday, loged out very late, close to morning hour. This morning, surprise, when login in launcher, I get ''Please try again in a few minutes (3746)'', so heading to site where I receive ''Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked''. Don't know what exactly happend that made my account been locked due to suspicious activity, I just play normal, with friends, doing quests.

I already send a ticket (Request #4059470). I need to know, I must send an e-mail also?

Didn't used any hack or buy gold from gold sellers, didn't talk rude, didn't use ping booster, or use modes or macro, or anything that is not allowed.

Same problem happend to my husband and few friends. It can't be from IP (if you think cuz my husband has the same problem) because we are in 2 different countrys at the moment.

Some people said is a bug or something that went wrong. But what went wrong? I didn't receive an e-mail from NCSoft at least to let me know of the issue, at least to know how much I must wait untill they unblock our accounts.

Just made this account to send the ticket and post on forum, seems the issue is not that rare.


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