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Game crashes during loading screen


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Firstly, I'm sorry if I used the wrong sub-forum for this and if there are already posts on this topic. I have tried Google, but haven't found anything that is similar to my problem.


So, here it is:

Last night, I got kicked out of the server (Wild Springs). A friend of mine experienced the same thing. Since it was already late, I decided to just go to bed. I didn't really pay much attention to it.

This morning I tried logging in again. I am able to start the client and login into the game, however, it crashes at the first loading screen. It gets to about 90% of the loading bar when the little orange character stops running. The little loading dots at my mouse/pointer, however, did keep moving. After about a minute, the game crashed. It then asks to send a crash report to NCSoft, but I don't have any error codes.

EDIT: I rebooted the PC and tried at least 5 more times after that, but it keeps crashing. It also doesn't give the "disconnected" error other people experience.


Has anyone experienced this as well, or does anyone have a solution for it?


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I have that problem since launch. Sometimes I can get into the game, sometimes it crashes on the first loading screen... Dungeons for me are nightmares and can't use cross-server dungeon... Even crashed during a cutscene during a main story quest that now I can't complete! I also can't go into tomb of exiles because the loading screen ALWAYS crashes... Tech support gave up on me cause there is no fix for it apparently. I'm considering upgrading my ram to 8GB (I have 4GB on windows10 64 bit) because it does look like a ram problem... Maybe check your ram usage while trying to load the game and see if you have enough and run a repair on your launcher since it doesn't hurt to try (did nothing for me though). I'm also on wild springs but I don't think the problem is caused by the server itself.

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